Secret Service looking into right wing radio host’s graphic violent rhetoric on Hillary Clinton.

Yes, Dodd Frank did some stuff.

The American Conservative asks: Why’d the party just nominate this guy for Lietenant Governor?
Interesting ad history for this guy.

Nation Supposes it’s outraged by White House Scandals, it guesses.

The one scandal that actually matters.
More here.

Charting the “uhs” and “ums” at the Supreme Court.

British Independence Party cares about the Bilderbergs.

FAIR on Jonathan Kyl… the new Judy Miller, you can say.

an ooze in China.  Interesting to look at.

Chuck Grassley tweets US had “no foreign policy” in 1939, and that we’re on the verge of another Hitler. ¬†Also our political figures should not be on twitter.

Jeff Merkley proposes Mananto Protection Act Repeal.





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