Teenagers migrating from facebook to twitter for a few really sound, good reasons.

A conservative commits Suicide in the face of gay marriage passing.

The highest Sam Sex Couples Raising kid  rate:  Salt Lake.  Actually this makes a bit of sense.

So.  What was the Fox News reporter James Rosen, the Fox News reporter in the only real Obama scandal, reporting?
… interestingly, the guy’s a Nixon Apologist.
Neither of which excuses Obama, by the way.

ACLU sues FBI on’s behalf.

Blah blah blah… Alex Jones… blah blah blah… Oklahoma Tornado… blah blah blah… Gummint created it… blah blah blah.
What say Westboro Baptist?  Basketball…

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
gets the Jon Stewart treatment.

“Thank the Lord” “I’m an Atheist”.  Oklahoma Tornado report.
Atheist Lawmaker in Arizona quotes Carl Sagan for opening prayer.

Reports of a Vortex to Another Universe in UK.  City council uninterested in investigating further.

Ai Weiwei’s new video.

Back to the Future stretching to make a point.

Kentucky Democrats eyeing who for their Senate candidate?




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