time to quit mocking the elvis impersonator, and tentatively start mocking some other guy

In certain respects, I kind of just want to take all the Kevin Curtis asides — my comment in the sort of “Boston Marathon bombers are more like Columbine than al Qaeda” mode was that he is “more like the man who shot James Garfield than the man who shot Abraham Lincoln —

and just burn them.

The Man’s Innocent.  He’s been dragged through some mud here, and whatever his mental state is it does not include sending ricin to President Obama and Senator Roger Wicker.  So, blah de blah to “Elvis Has Left the Building”, and at the end of it I don’t even know if my seconding of such a sentiment is a joke:

Maybe he will get some gigs out of this. After all, embedded in all the articles about his alleged crimes came the ringing endorsement from Sen. Roger Wicker, who hired him as a Elvis impersonator one time and commented that “he was very entertaining.” If his interviews so far are any indication, that’s surely true.

An interesting twist here, for the partisan grabber gotchers.  This suspect was a Democrat (if a very flaky one.)  The new suspect is a Republican — by the name of Everett Dutschke.  And here the politics gets a little curious.

Dutschke has also run unsuccessfully for the Mississippi legislature, and at one point, according to the AP, he threatened to sue Curtis for claiming to be a member of Mensa. Meanwhile—how did I get this far without mentioning this part?—Curtis claims to have uncovered a “secret shadow government” that exists to conceal an “illegal organ harvesting market.” In 2011 he issued an appeal to former Reason reporter Radley Balko to protect him from the conspiracy.

So… was the Elvis Impersonator framed… by this Dutschke guy who I guess has a vendetta against Curtis, Obama, Wicker, and — we may note –that the third person that ricin was sent to… was the “mother of the person who defeated Dutschke” in his  race for state legislature.    [Margin of defeat … 71.03 percent to 28.57 percent.)

And, I don’t know… Please don’t do this.

Just when you think the GOP can’t get any crazier …

Understand, this man may well be cleared in the end… though his reaction to hearing of the charges dropped did reek of the “oh, shit”… nevermind, a few days ago I’d have suspected the damned Elvis Impersonator… In the meantime, as we wait for things to play out, I do enjoy the Current Digital Age where the news media provides url link fills of tangentially connected data — see here:

has turned its focus to J. Everett Dutschke, a Tupelo, Miss., taekwondo instructor [Link], blues band frontman [Link] and failed political candidate, according to the local Clarion-Ledger [link] newspaper.

[VIDEO: Watch the Elvis, Johnny Cash Impersonations of the Accused Ricin Mailer]

Followed in this story by youtube video where he uses the phrase “don’t hardly know him”… Southern dialect, I suppose…

And No, I don’t know that the supposed motive  makes sense…

Curtis’s attorneys suggested in court that their client may have been framed by Dutschke because he is a rival, according to the Clarion-Ledger. Both men do martial arts, are politically active and are local music celebrities, though Dutschke’s group describes itself on Facebook as “rock with tons of lasers,” while Curtis mostly sticks to impersonations of 50 rock ‘n’ roll icons including Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and Elvis.

Rock with tons of lasers?

And what does his twitter page reveal?  Fan of Glenn Beck.  You know… maybe I will go ahead and go with the partisan angling.  What I’m looking for is details of the political race he was running, and all I see so far is

Brandon Presley, Mississippi’s northern district public service commissioner and a distant cousin of Elvis Presley, attended the 2007 political rally in Verona. He told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he remembers Dutschke giving a “militant” speech with personal and professional attacks Steve Holland.
Presley, also a Democrat, said he doesn’t recall details of the speech — just the tone of it, and the crowd’s reaction.

“I just remember everybody’s jaw dropping,” Presley said.
Dutschke, who ran as a Republican, said his speech included sharp criticism of Steve Holland’s record in public office.
Steve Holland said earlier this week that his mother made Dutschke get down on his knees at the 2007 rally and apologize. On Wednesday, he said he was mistaken about her telling Dutschke to kneel.
“She just got up and said ‘Sir, you will apologize,” Steve Holland said.
Dutschke said Steve Holland exaggerated the incident. Presley said he remembers Sadie Holland chastising Dutschke.

And looking about for more… his youtube videos from the campaign have been “privatized”.   That Figures.

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