No, Lindsey Graham.  Domestic Drones are not a good idea.

 33 States if not for gerrymandering.

Meet the new suspect in the Ricin Sending case.  And the election histoy of Everett Dutschke.  (Note: it will be fun looking into his political career history.)

South Dakota tax payers now paying for legislators meetings with ALEC.

Choose Your Own Adventure at the Bush Presidential Library.

The continued relevance of Howard Philips.

The real power of North Korea:   Kim Kyong Hui, the “dear leader”‘s aunt.

Abstract Expressionism was a CIA plot, to combat Communism.

And it’s CIA plot day at boing boing:  book excerpt of The Beatles and their march into the Soviet Union.

Obama’s new Treasury Secretary Jack Lew… moving financial regulation backward.




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