wherein the self delusion of a 9/11 Truther forces me to side with Dick Cheney

From Sander Hicks’s book
Slingshot to the Juggarnaut:  Total Resistance to the Death Machine Means Complete Love of the Truth, published 2012
pages 301-304

Then they lined us up for the Chney meet and greet.  I asked Cheney during our photo op, “What do I say to all these people who tell me 9/11 was an inside job?”  I was smiling when I said it, leaning over him and grinning at the camera.  In the moment when they shutter cliked, he heared the joy in my voice.  I think it angered him.  [note:  “I think?”]  You can see some glumness in the photo.

[note:  I can see glumness in any photograph of Cheney, 9/11 Truth question or not.]

Calmly, he turned his whole body and gave me this wave of cold energy.  [what’s the difference between Cheney warm energy and Cheney cold energy?]   “Just look at the evidence,” he said evenly.  “It’s not true.”

Cheney’s calm was eerie.  He sounded like he was trying to project confidence, but really there was a deep sandess inside him.  [Was there?]  His spoke softly.  [sic]  He was trying to exude “cast iron strength.”  He wasn’t strong as iron, but he was cold the way iron is, the way it takes heat out of your hand.  It all seemed an act.  [It is a fundraiser photo op and signature, which is the same thing.]  His faced looked translucent, like that of someone in the hospital.  [Yes, Cheney’s health problems are the stuff of legend.  So?]  I could see tiny veins in his puffy cheeks and nose.  [You’re standing way too closely.]

I felt greasy and siorintaed for twenty-four hours after that moment.  Most people react with dramatic emotion when you bring up the “9/11 is an inside job” talk.  [Personally I react with a bit of an eye-roll, and can imagine Cheney would too.]  Cheney wasn’t surprised at all.  He knew it all.  [Huh?]

Cheney wasn’t surprised some guy had just popped up in the $5,000 donors’ photo-op line at a GOP fundraiser and started talking about 9/11 being an inside job.  [Or maybe he was, but didn’t think it was worth disrupting the steady flow of party supporters?]   He didn’t detail what “evidence” he had to the contrary, or where one could fin dit to prop up his besieged official sotry.  [Not enough time, and not worth disrupting the steady flow of party supporters.]   He didn’t care what I thought I knew.  [I imagine he thought he knew what Hicks thought he knew.]  He didn’t want to hear what “all these people” were saying.  [Wasn’t he told what all those people were saying?]   He had a quick answer prepared and was ready for the next photo.  [Yes.  That’s the way this works.  It would be the same if he was queried on Abortion or Iraq or –?]

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