Michelle Shocked proclaims “God Hates Fags”, empties SF concert, Seattle cancels gig, and… we’re off to the races.
She tries to explain herself, or something.
Beth Ditto drunkenly shouts “Obama!  Obama!” from bar she was kicked out of.

beyond the gender binary, and I think this will renew a push for PBS defunding.

Photos of 1970s Americanism with Environmentalist captioning.

Michele Bachmann uses the word “literally”.

God Guided the Hand of the History Channel to show Obama was Satan.
also Obama has shape shifting security detail.

As recently as 2003, the president of the Greater Fort Bend County Tea Party had a very different title: director of propaganda for the American Fascist Party.   … or, as he claims, he was there to “blow the lid off the joint”.

George W Bush art multiplying.

Ah, wacky Novelty Catalouges of Days Gone By.

50 Years ago the Goldwater Campaign was launched.

blasting the New Republic on Howard Zinn.

Santorum and Gingrich contemplated forming “Unity Ticket” to stop Romney.

Sandy Hook Truth Movement slugs onward.




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