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Minnesota:  The surest sign of a politician who is on their way to losing is that they start attacking the polls.

 In a news release titled, “Daddy’s poll,” Osskopp, the Republican U.S. Senate nominee’s campaign manager, attacked the Strib’s recent Minnesota Poll that showed Bills 29 points behind.
“If ever there was evidence of bias, this is it. A 13 point Democrat advantage in party ID isn’t credible to even the most partisan analyst,” said Osskopp.
I know, it’s almost like that other poll that showed a 10-point Democrat advantage! Oh wait — that was Bills’ own poll?
And what about that poll showing a +14 Dem advantage … that Bills touts on his own website!

Kurt Bills, I note, is featured in the latest Reason Magazine article about “Libertarians Running”.  He’s in the “Long shot” category.  Or better to say “No Shot”.

We’re getting into a curious realm in the supposed “War on Women” with Kurt Bills, in tandem with the more viable Todd Akin in Missouri.  “Don’t forget, Amy’s Dad was a columnist for the Star Tribune for 3 decades. It’s no coincidence that they are pulling for Daddy’s little girl.”  Yeah.

Tennessee… and on in the region.
While Tennessee Democrats have disowned and vowed not to support nominee Mark Clayton of Whites Creek in the U.S. Senate race — due to his views on gays and his association with an anti-gay group — their Alabama counterparts took an even more drastic step with one of their candidates.
The Democratic Party there disqualified its nominee for chief justice of the state Supreme Court because of comments he made online about the Republican nominee, accusing him of having “dementia” and being “a devil worshipper.” Party officials felt the comments were improper for a judicial nominee. It just so happened the Democratic nominee in question, Harry Lyon, also had a long history of entering and losing Alabama political races.
Shouldn’t the Alabama Democrats just be happy that the candidate has neutralized that “God” issue down there in the bible belt?

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting choice for the Democratic Party of Tennessee.
Eleven people have signed up to have their names counted as write-in candidates for the U.S. Senate, but the state Democratic Party has not endorsed one as an alternative to their disavowed nominee, Mark Clayton. […]
The 11 candidates who met the deadline for doing so include two losers in the Aug. 2 Democratic U.S. Senate primary, Nashvillians Larry Crim and Gary Gene Davis, and one loser in the Republican primary, Fred R. Anderson of Maryville.
Con Flip!  I would say vote for the Green Party candidate, except this message irks me in its unreality.

Please consider our campaign for US Senate. Corker barely won last time!
Yeah, and he’ll win in a landslide this time.

Rhode Island Barry Hinkley comes out for crude Big Government, ala looming defense cuts coming with where the deficit cutting deal sunset came in — the “if we can’t pull this off, there will be cuts in defense spending”.

Naturally you flag this quote.  Remember when Republican Senate candidate Barry Hinckley courted out-of-state political donors by saying, “Although many of you who live out of state cannot vote for me – remember, I can vote for you.”? Well, it seems as if one out-of-state group has taken him up on the offer.
 Hinckley was endorsed by the Freedomworks PAC on Tuesday, which on its website describes itself as “leading the fight for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.”
Marlyand.  Should the Independent be in the debate?
Just a day after a poll showed him with more than 20 percent of the vote, an independent U.S. Senate candidate in Maryland wants to be included in upcoming debates between the major party nominees.
In asking to be part of the debates, independent Rob Sobhani is citing a Gonzales research poll that shows he is almost even with Republican nominee Dan Bongino. Sobhani, who announced his candidacy earlier this month and is running television ads, received 21 percent of the vote in the poll, to Bongino’s 22 percent.
Incumbent Democrat Ben Cardin was well ahead of both men at 50 percent. The campaigns for Cardin and Bongino are working on the details for debates, and a spokeswoman for Bongino’s campaign says planning has involved campaigns that went through the primary election process.
Maybe we can just simplify the matter and limit the debate to Cardin.
Well, this should boost Bongino.
Rumsfeld backs Bongino.

Delaware.  Funny.
The campaign spokesman for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Wade sent out an email to a list of press contacts this morning (maybe by mistake) outlining his plans to “gain traction” in the final weeks before election day.
His plan: More press releases — five a week should do it.

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