to the Senate races that are actually being fought

Todd Akin’s political comeback commences anew, predictably.  First the likes of Jim DeMint takes a peek in to prop him him, now The RSCC is shading in as other races fall by the wayside.  His latest gaffe — “McCaskill is less ladylike than she was in 2006” — is, um, probably just a way to the hearts of his caveman constituency.   McCaskill, for her part, plays her role and calls Bachmann a hippy.

North Dakota .

The Department of Justice is looking at a tv ad in which a retired Deputy U.S. Marshal appears on behalf of U.S. Senate candidate Rick Berg.
Jake Werner is clearly identified as retired from the Marshal’s service in the ad, which compares the positions of Berg and Democrat Heidi Heitkamp on the economy. Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Dan Orr in Fargo says the Office of General Counsel is reviewing the commercial to determine whether it gives the appearance that the federal law enforcement agency is supporting Berg.
Orr says he expects a response from Washington by the end of the week.
The Berg campaign says it’s not aware of the review. The ad is sponsored by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

The ad attempts to refute Berg’s claim that he’s had “absolutely no involvement” with Goldmark, and it uses audio of him saying as much. But to refute Berg’s claim, it lists a myriad of evidence — including a real estate license application from Berg that notes his affiliation with Goldmark, previous reports that he was a spokesman for Goldmark and federal forms on which he listed Goldmark as an employer.

“Rick, how can we believe anything?” the narrator asks at the end.

Scott Brown and the Tomahawk Chop.  You really can’t do that these days.  But more interesting … what exactly is the history of that?

Maine.  Angus King tries to right a slightly leaky ship.

Indiana.  Dick Lugar won’t campaign for Richard Mourdock.  So is why is the Wall Street Journal urging him to?  Polls show a sizebale chunk of Lugar primary voters going to the Democrat… and that’s the crux of the race.


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