dates on tshirts

I saw a t-shirt with “10-13-2012” on it, followed by the words “If you thought [some other date] is big”…

I sure as hell hope that the date that I saw when I glanced — 9-11-2001 — wasn’t the date on the shirt, because … I don’t know… 10/13 is sort of significant to me and I wouldn’t want it to be clumped in the same category as 9/11.

Also that would make for a very disturbing message that would get them pulled over at an airport, or just about any other security check-point.

I would like to know what date that was, and what is happening on 10/13-2012 that is bigger than the other date, though.

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  1. Jeff Says:

    It’s probably somebody’s reading of the Mayan calendar end date.

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