Romney in town, doesn’t ask for a sandwich

Mitt Romney was in Portland yesterday.  I passed  it as quickly as I could.  Were they very interesting signs?  Not really.  Brigades from Planned Parenthood and the AFL-CIO dominated.  Forgetable chants.  I see no mention of the thing at indymedia, which would jump all over any appearance from Obama.   The “Fat Cat choking the Construction worker” float was probably the highlight.  After that, we’re stuck with a

Kari Crisholm notes:  Today, Mitt Romney makes a brief pit stop in Portland to extract some cash -without bothering to actually meet any actual voters, or even distract the press from his fundraiser by reading a book to some kids or visiting a factory floor.

Yeah, Obama will have plenty of opportunities to jump into, for instance, Texas and out like Romney does with these blue states.  Not sure what the point of carrying on the charade of pretending the contest is here would be.  (Not demoralize the state Republicans as there are plenty of other contests that need to be curried?)  Too bad there won’t be a repeat of something I saw in 2004: John Kerry jumped out of his limo, shaked someone’s hands out at an outdoor cafe.  Is that worth anything for Romney?  Maybe in another town out in Ohio or something.

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