Hillary Clinton — Future President of the United States.

Russian jailed for sneezing or spitting on Vladamir Putin picture

War of 1812 turns 200 this year.

Artur Davis is now a Republican.


Hatfields and McCoys devoid of its supposed humor… deadly serious matter, that feud.

Kansas pastor follows up North Carolina pastor with “Kill the Gays” comments.

Buddy Roemer ends his Presidential bid.

Obama cyber-wars with Iran

Cameron Whitten launches hunger strike.  Okay?

June poll numbers always suck

Elizabeth Warren’s Democratic Primary competition… exposing Warren as a fraud, or reinforcing her credentials?

Ralph Nader demands Obama’s “Terrorist Kill List” lawyers named.

Mark Evanier’s interesting tweets

Bilderberg Group shares Ron Paul Death Wish… yeah, right.  Worst part of Bilderberg Meeting is not necessarily the Bilbergers, but the conspiratorial axes grined outside it.

Mentally Ill man “Angry at Everything” goes on shooting rampage in Seattle.

The Purge list battle in Florida elections

Canadian Politics are boring.  Still.




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