Nebraska Senate nomination, Oregon 3rd Congressional District nomination, Portland Mayor results

Some interesting primary results.  I guess the big item nationwide is the next Senator from Nebraska is probably the Sarah Palin endorsed and Cubs Owner financed candidate, Deb Fischer, who defeated the quasi-Establishment candidate Jon Bruning, and will now go on to swamp the Democratic retread who’s lived in New York for the past decade — Bob Kerrey.
The semi-official word is that if you shift through the stances of the two Nebraska Republican candidates, you won’t find a lot of daylight.  Things have a way of proving otherwise.  A Sarah Palin endorsed candidate is a Sarah Palin endorsed candidate.  It’s not a good thing; it’s not a result that proffers well for the sanity of the future of American politics.

It may or may not be worth a look at who the hell the other candidates here are.  Digging past some typical truck driver candidates and the like not really knowing what to make of Steven Lustgarten’s campaign website, I will say Sherman Yates may be the most interesting personality of the bunch — and his statements here are worth a read.

Oregon results…
This feels like an upset somehow.  Ron Green has defeated Delia Lopez for the Republican nomination in Oregon’s 3rd Congressional district, and by a 2 to 1 margin, to take on Earl Blumenauer.   The Oregonian endorsed Ron Green; the Willamette Week endorsed Delia Lopez — so I guess we see that the Oregonian holds more sway amongst the electorate than the Willamette Week after all.
Earl Blumenauer has yet to congratulate Ron Green and welcome him to a spirited race on his Twitter account.  Which is a clear demonstration of what a jerk he is.
I have to wonder, though: Where does this leave Delia Lopez’s future in politics?  Will we still have Delia Lopez to kick around some, when we bother noticing her presence at all?

I need to parse the Portland mayor race results.  Let’s go down this list:

 Scott Rose 1,176 1%
Cameron Whitten 991 1%
Scott Fernandez 972 1%
Steve Sung 869 1%
Tre Arrow 620 1%
Max Brumm 577 1%
Michael Langley 379 0%
David Ackerman 282 0%
Dave Campbell 261 0%
Bill Dant 256 0%
Shonda Kelley 239 0%
Loren Brown 167 0%
Howie Rubin 137 0%
Max Bauske 97 0%
Christopher Rich 87 0%
Robert Carron 72 0%
Lew Humble 68 0%
Josh Nuttall 55 0%
Samuel Belisle 50 0%
Blake Nieman-Davis 38 0%

Hard to know why some of these candidates did so well and others so poorly.

From Scott Rose’s campaign website:  As of Wednesday morning, we sat 4th out of 23 Portland Mayoral Candidates and had roughly 1200 votes.  With no real media support, that is 1200 people just saying that they believe in my message and what I stand for, and for that, again, I say thank you.

Well, Cameron Whitten got some press.  Sent the Green Party into chaos, or something.  Came in fifth.  Apparently.
Blue Oregon’s collective wisdome proven wrong:  As for fourth place, 26% each call it for Cameron Whitten and Tre Arrow, while 13% call it for Scott Fernandez.

Anything else I should note?  Probably not.

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