Fight Breaks out over new sneakers.

Why North Koreans cry for their dear leader.

Daily Kos defends Ron Paul’s Investments

Knock away at this.  As the Ron Paul fans urge it has been settled 15 years ago, when no one ever heard of him.

 if [Paul] wins the Iowa Republican Caucus vote on January 3—a real, though far from certain, prospect—the party bosses will have to do everything in their power to prevent Paul from reasserting the values of the “old-right” Republicans who once stood, steadily and without apology, in opposition to wars of whim and assaults on individual liberty.

Mitt Romney brings out his inner Tom Dewey on twitter

A man presumed killed by serial killer/amateur clown John Wayne Gacy has turned up, very much alive, 35 years later in Beaverton.

NATO Forced to Admit Air Strikes Killed Dozens of Libyan Civilians, Contradicting Initial Denials

Same Sex kiss. Military tradition




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