Ron Paul: Front runner.

Andrew Sullivan:  A blogger at I Talk You Bored challenges me to read a Ron Paul letter entitled “Blast ‘Em,” which provides advice on how to shoot “urban youth” carjackers using a disposable, shadily acquired weapon. I’ll respond in due course.

Fantastic!  Now that Ron Paul is the front runner, sort of, and thought to be on the verge of a victory in the Iowa caucses, we get to revisit the strange career of Ron Paul, and the “Lew Rockwell wrote those horribly racist things!” defense.

Here’s the Daily Paul, for your Ron Paul talking points.

6. Paul often cites Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr and Gandhi as his heroes.

We’re a little tricky arena in mocking this one… see:

In most standard accounts, Hoover’s career began to turn sour after the war, first with his vicious attacks on homegrown communists, later with his illegal Cointelpro campaign against civil rights and New Left activists. J. Edgar pays special attention to Hoover’s surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr., including the infamous hotel room audiotapes that Hoover peddled to the press as evidence of King’s “degenerate sexual urges.”

What this story leaves out is the equally disturbing fact that much of Hoover’s campaign against King was conducted right out in the open, and with the support of millions of Americans. In 1964, during a speech to female reporters, Hoover denounced King as “the most notorious liar in the country,” warning that the civil rights leader was a danger to the national way of life. In a poll conducted a few months later, fully 50 percent of Americans sided with Hoover. Only 16 percent supported King.

But we’ve entered that moment when a Liberal online outlet requests that when one mentions Ron Paul, they should dutifully link to the story of the newsletters.  Though, they could also link to any number of, like, Alex Jones interviews and have the same “Yep.  He’s against the War.  And…” effect.

 Gingrich: Ron Paul’s base is “people who want to legalize drugs”


Thought of the day.  We see the establishment media and Republicans freak about the prospect of Ron Paul winning the Iowa cacuses.  And will this be the harbinger of the end of the meaning of the Iowa Caucuses to the Republican nomination?
Just to be sure:
1988 – Bob Dole (37%), Pat Robertson (25%), George H. W. Bush (19%), Jack Kemp (11%), and Pierre DuPont (7%)
2008 – Mike Huckabee (34%), Mitt Romney (25%), Fred Thompson (13%), John McCain (13%), Ron Paul (10%), Rudy Giuliani (4%), and Duncan Hunter (1%)

And Pat Robertson went on to win Washington’s caucses.  Pat Buchanan won the New Hampshire primary in 1996.  And we’re all full of nuts.

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