GOP race for the white house — who’s up, who’s down, who’s holding steady

I suppose if you placed all those arrows around on a list of up and down on the Presidential candidates, you would — just this minute — have a down arrow for Candidate Perry and Bachmann, and an up arrow for Romney, Cain, and McCotter.  The other candidates are in a perma-standstill.

Which is interesting.  A week ago conventional wisdom was something that Perry had displaced Bachmann who had displaced Cain.  And maybe Perry was starting to fade a little even in this rubric.  But then Cain just won a Florida straw poll… with, like, the vote count along the lines of the attendance of a Screaming Trees concert.

Jon Huntsman remembers the Screaming tries, right?  Seems like something he would remember, seeing  as Jon Huntsman references Kurt Cobain… awkwardly.

I’ve zoned out of this matter a bit more than usual over the last couple of weeks.  There have been two debates — the headlines show Perry and Bachmann nicking at each other over fruit-loop posturing on vaccines.  Ron Paul throws an assist in there.  And Romney bludgeoning Perry over comments about Social Security being a Ponzi scheme, the better to check him in Florida.  I guess it was someone with the Romney campaign who blew around and placed posters of a satirical nature about Perry’s comments in the boxes of the city’s alt weeklies.  (Note:  This is a joke.  Those print-outs are liberal / Democratic based.)

The debates … the debates… one Tea Party, one Republican, neither distinguishable.    A major news story is that the Republican Debate audience is cheering the macabre.  Figures, and kind of horrifying in light of Troy Davis (Note: I don’t even want to wrangle through the contentious editing process on that wikipedia article.)  And another flub over boos at the spectrer of gay soldiers — this gets a Rick Santorum Profiles in Courage-ishness.

And Herman Cain is back.  Kind of.  Well, he’s got the Dennis Miller endorsement.  That’s worth something, right?

And Thaddeus McCotter is tweeting about HIS jump to 1 percent in the polls… that’s THAD-MENTUM!  Or … statistical noise in being found in a poll.

In other cross candidate news — Ron Paul fans note that Newt Gingrich said History will include Ron Paul.  And history probably should — there’s a chock-o voter bloc convinced that the EPA is out to poison them and it’s things like that that show the political accomplishments of Ron Paul.


In other Ron Paul Revolution News… it’s a grassroots deal, you understand.

And now…  Remembering the strangest GOP debate ever, 2008.  That one was a classic.  Not going to be replicated in 2012, I’m afraid.

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