the two presidential election stories that will resurface again and again, with no real meaning

Two stories about the Presidential contest come up once so often — whenever its principal actor puts out a press release, or whenever a columnist decides to point to it.

Ralph Nader is searching for a Democratic Primary candidate to run against Obama.  The last time I checked out of the story, Mike Gravel had announced that your contributions would throw his hat into the ring — this didn’t seem to go anywhere.  Now Ralph Nader has upped the stakes and grabbed a bunch of signatories to his project — progressive groups, a few former Democratic Senators from the 1970s, Corner West who has been engaging in an interesting debate that’s been sensationalized, the former editor of Harpers, and…

Ross Perot’s 1996 Vice Presidential Candidate!  Yes, I spot that man on the list.  Interesting.  Last I saw Pat Choate was 2000 and he was on Nightline defending Pat Buchanan, debating John Hagelin.  He apparently helped Buchanan into the Reform Party.  Looking him up on wikipedia, I do not know that Pat Choate is anything except against NAFTA — but, whatever.

Well, I suppose that last one makes sense in the way that Ralph Nader made some positive noise about the positive influence on the body politik of one Sarah Palin.  Just… to annoy everyone, I suppose.

The other big news is this Centrist Third Party contraption.  It received another crack from that David Broder — Thomas Friedman axis.  Their analysis doesn’t take into account the grappling of politicos to this “Non Partisan” edict.  They’re moving ahead — ballot by ballot… thinking that a Democratic Party president with high negatives and a Republican opponent with high negatives can give them some sliver “Center” wave — something a Charlie Crist once aimed at.

Hm.  Ross Perot.  Rummaging under that engine, was his metaphor.  Cranking up the mechanics.  Fire away.

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