No.  Really.  The Republicans did it“That a country even has such voices, albeit a minority, is something notable,” he added. “This kind of rhetoric is not common amongst AAA sovereigns.”

The Meaning of Ron Paul:  Indeed, you can’t make sense of Rick Perry’s attacks on “loose money” and the Federal Reserve without grasping the extent to which Ron Paul opened the door to that kind of rhetoric. — ie: “Ben Bernanke is a Traitor” if he, um, does that thing Federal Reserve Chairmen do.
As against the Bush Administration — Perry: a big Bush look-alike who is now mouthing the rhetoric of Ron Paul.
Ron Paul and his fanbase notices.

Witches on Drugs

Democracy Now  Interviews Anonymous over BART

Rupert Murdoch: Obstruction of Justice.

Obama Perry False Equivalency: Some think Secession is extreme, others think the Health Care Law was extreme.

Jerome Corsi, Ron Paul, Alex Jones — Rick Perry and the NAFTA Superhighway

 Perry has received a total of $37 million over the last decade from just 150 individuals and couples … Nearly half of those mega-donors received hefty business contracts, tax breaks or appointments under Perry
Here are Ten of them. 

 Strange comic book adaptions of tv shows




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