Male Prostitutes Invade Bilderberg Meeting.  Huzzah!

The Arab Spring: a lot of power-struggles, less freedom fighting.
— All right.  Here’s who was there.

Herman Cain Commercial Casting Call

A trend on Fox News continues — Gary Johnson interviews bad Obama impersonator.  I immediately remember Stossel did this stunt with Ron Paul.  Because –?

The Bio-Dome in retrospect

Countdown to minor right-wing shitstorm :  Grant Morrison to explore Superman back then as “Liberal Activist“.
Cue history — blah blah blah, FDR 1938, blah blah blah, post WW2 — used him for fight against the KKK, and…

New stupid jingoistic Country Song

New Palin email.  Hm.  Shift through them at your own risk.


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