Countdown (or Up): Top 5 Larouche stories of the last week or so

Nothing particularly notable, but things do accumulate.

STORY NUMBER ONE:  Possible Vice Presidential Timber?

In all my speculation for the post Larouche death presidential bid, which centers on the congressional candidates of Kesha Rogers,  Rachel Brown, Summer Shields, Diane Sare, Dave Christie, and Bill Roberts — Kesha Rogers the obvious Front-runner, I’ve not come up with any idea of who might fill out the bottom half of the ticket.  The Vice Presidential selection needs to be someone used to subordination who won’t outshine the top of the ticket, who can do the retail politicking that you see at the Cardtable Tour, and probably should follow the tradition of Spiro Agnew in slinging shots at anything that might be construed as “The Media”.

San Rafael brings us Possibility number one
It gets really weird at the 1:30 mark, where the Larouche representative shares that he is 2,000 years old.  His partner in the performance, in his “Thou Shall Not Wank” (crosses the pond) comment, skips toward, rather randomly, twitter.  Why did twitter pop in his head?  Who knows?  And no, I can’t make heads or tails of this

This is a little strange.

As we walked out onto Meridain Street after getting our hands stamped, I noticed a Tea Bagger with a three foot by four foot sign of our president on a stick. On the photo of Barack Obama they had painted a Hitler mustash. I was transfixed by this. I felt a violent anger rise in me. It’s one thing for these Glen Becker’s to blindly follow what Limbaugh and Glen Beck tell them to do all with the belief that Jesus Christ is behind thier self-rightousness, but to do this right where families and kids are merrily anticipating fun is another.

I was torn. I wanted to stay open to this man’s viewpoint. Maybe I could finally learn the True nature of Jesus Christ by inoculating myself into the Glen Beck, MIchael Savage, and Rush Limbaugh crowd, and fight for things that go against my own best interests. Canda had other ideas.

Okay.  Confusion with the Tea Party.  Happens here and  abouts — Berkley for instance, and they deign a bit of this confusion.   But later…

 The glazed over look in his eyes reminded me of the woman in the lynchmob of a crowd for John McCain referring to Obama as a Arab. As Mr. Sheep moved, so did Canda. She got right in his face. I was surprized. Amused too. To act like he could not hear her he started using a trick that I’d seen kids use. As Canda talked he started sing songing to cover her voice. Da ta data da ta da ta da, he sang. I stood there studying this guy trying to figure this out. What would make someone think it would be a good idea to get a sign of Obama with a big Hitler mustash and go down to Meridian thinking he could get people to jump on the Lyndon LaRouche band wagon? He looked like a trapped parakeet. I started to feel sorry for the unmade bed.

So he’s identified the Larouche.  Does he think his org is an organic part of the “Tea Party”?  And so

Lots of weird shit has come my way in supermarket/strip mall parking lots. Yesterday some Lyndon LaRouche people were hanging in one I was at  with pictures of the current lying asshole “president” with a little Hitler mustache on him and a table with a banner that said “Re-Enact Glass Steagal.”     I headed right over to meet these interesting people with the good ideas.  I didn’t know how it really is with old Lyndon..     I checked him out to see what the fuck he wanted to do and my “Elron Hubbard Sun Myung Moon Peoples Temple” alarm went off.    So, anyway……never mind, just another rich fuck with a cult to pound on.
[…]  I never will again, unless they try out the topless dancing girls to attract minions.


Ace Revenire Retour once, or twice, griped — incorrectly — that I (and xlcer) leave out pro-larouche commenters and give out only anti-Larouchie commenters.  Once again, here I go:

Pro Larouchie Number One, who links to “How Venice Rigged the First and Worst Global Financial Collapse” — as published by the Schiller Institute.:  WORLD HISTORY as grabbed by Larouche The crash, which peaked in A.C.E. 1345 when the world’s biggest banks went under, “led” by the Bardi and Peruzzi companies of Florence, Italy, was more than a bank crash ~ it was a financial disintegration. Like the disaster which looms now, projected in Lyndon LaRouche’s “Ninth Economic Forecast” of July 1994, that one was a blowup of all major banks and markets in Europe, in which, chroniclers reported, “all credit vanished together,” most trade and exchange stopped, and a catastrophic drop of the world’s population by famine and disease loomed.
Regretably, the links to other articles covering this lost history, Jewish Sabbateans Rule the World for Satan Parts 1 and 2, have been removed for violation of service.  Hard to say what wordpress objected to  But, you know,  to quote Thoreau … and hey de ho.

Pro Larouchie #2:  Commenting on the film “House of Rothschilds“, an old youtube video which robotic aggregators plopped 25 comments into a splog.

You are a poorly informed individual filled with conditioning & prejudice. Who financed the Slave ships? Who brought Opium from India to China to enslave them? The Rothschilds. on YT “1932, a true history of the United States” from L La Rouche. Read “Timeline of the Rothschilds” by DB Smith & A Hitchcock. Watch the Lecture on “Brotherhood of Darkness” by Dr Stan Monteith (Google)
Dubya and Kerry were “Bonesmen” , Obama is a “Prince Hall Mason”
The Mason Albert Pike brought us the KKK

Pro Larouchies Number Three — another old youtube video now in splog form:

Start with some pro Tarpley that reads like pro Larouchie!  Tarpley’s ideas come from the American School of Economics>Austrian/Chicago>Keynesian
Webster Tarpley has obviously not read anything at all about Agenda 21

What a fertile intelligence… Tarpley is a true visionary.

@MrHarry46 The difference in himself and you is he isn’t absolutely pessimistic and is offering some solution to the problems.
You’ve already turned over and accepted defeat. That is not healthy.

And hey.  Here’s a crazy idea!  Who could ever think up this one?  Webster Tarpley is one of the very few and as a matter of the fact the Only to save USA, He speaks truth , he is a genius , loyal , a Man of integrity.
He should join Larouche because he speaks exactly the same philosophy.
Love the guy , Bless him!

I have the utmost admiration for Webster Tarpley. I am glad that he mentioned
Henry Ford, who absolutely HATED Wall St. and the Banksters of his day. I
wish that Webster would have also mentioned Alfred P. Sloan, who built General
Motors into the world’s largest company.
It’s sad that we no longer have manufacturing geniuses (or the manufacturing)
with us that we had in bygone years. I sure hope that the USA wakes up soon.

And for another old youtube video — A whole Slew of Pro-Larouche sentiments, as against a few antis!  Wait.  When did the larouche people become a personality cult?

Larouche people have become some sort of personality cult. Its not as bad as they say but even Tarpley sees them in this light. Tarpley is by far more credible than LLR. 

I like Lyndon Larouche, I wish he n Ron Paul would get together be elected president n vice president. LaRouche is even more open than Ron about how the feds are screwing the states n the people. I think our only hope at getting good fed gov though is by putting pressure on all of our state govs to put the feds in their place. Besides if enough states were to be pushed into secession the fed wouldn’t have many toys to use against us. Hopefully it won’t eve come to that though, again.  (So much for the “American System”.)

Yes, he’s on the mark. Even as a hardcore Libertarian (mostly), I see LaRouche’s ideas and policies as largely sound. Including his take on Obama’s personality.

I agree with LaRouche’s assessment of Obama. LaRouche may have his own issues, but he’s RIGHT about the president and current situation. I agree with you that there is no one else who is not a puppet with whom we could replace Obama. I would not go with LaRouche himself as a replacement (which I’ve never heard discussed), but instead go with, perhaps, some of those who are calling out the problems with Goldman Sachs etc. Far fetched, but maybe Ed Griffin Tarpley or G Edward Griffin’s crowd?  

And another Pro- Larouchie

That said, what erked me was the author’s unfounded barbs against me regarding the late Dr. Rashad Khalifa and the American thinker, Lynden H. LarRouche, Jr. The slanders that he flung at these fine individuals does not bear repeating and does his reputation no good. Needless to say, I am no slavish follower of any leader or thinker.

So, some blame to the Jews, some support more for Ron Paul and Webster Tarply, and throw in some qualified support that mentions “Cult”, which seems to be the way the cult itself rolls these days — Dateline Rhode Island College:

One of the activists, who declined to give his name, admitted that the LaRouche group is a cult, but then said, “Catholicism started off as a cult, so you know, in that sense, it is one.” […]
According to Bob Baker, a field correspondent for the LaRouche PAC, they believe Hitler was not responsible for World War II. Instead, it was “the machine.” When asked just what “the machine” was, Baker said it was “The big, nationwide banks who are just trying to make a buck.”

And here is one m0re person, who considers Alex Jones a disinformationalist figure.  …
This article which references Larouche in offering up Obama as the AntiChrist Beast in the Book of Revelations seems to be on friendly terms, though it’s up to you to decide if it qualifies as “pro”.


This is pretty amusing.  The last several edits on the David P Goldman wikipedia article were made by David P Goldman.  And the David P Goldman article now reads like a press release.
Causation and Correlation:  Together at last!

As for the cult itself, let’s see what we have here.  Javen466 works hard to get extensive coverage of the Verdi Tuning Initiative into the article.  Will Beback objects with the suggestion that this “deserves less (attention) than the Mars Initiative and much less than the AIDs Initiative.”  Javen466 explains part of the need for the Verdi Tuning Initiative’s place in the scheme of things, and the reason that some of the people backing the idea should have their ethnicity referenced, by suggesting that (paraphrase) “one of the complexities of this man is that he makes statements that many people feel are anti-semitic or Nazist, yet manages to attract Jews and African Americans as personal friends and as members of his organization.”

The personal friends reference points to another reference that Javen466, along with ISP #, wants in — a transparent name drop to a CBS article on Larouche’s presidential run at the age of 83 which was more an inference, “I have a dear friend, almost 92, who was beaten up marching across a bridge in support of MLK.”  Meantime, Javen466 made a buttressing project out of Amelia Boytin Robinson’s article, making several edits on her wikipedia page.

They found some quotes from work by John George and Laird Wilcox to emphasize Dennis King’s PLP past and suggest that he and Chip Berlet are essentially engaged in a long-term Left-wing doctrinal dispute — “this section also explains taht Larouche came from a hotbed of extremism where people fell out with each other very badly and then started criticizing each other.”  Further deigns at qualifying Dennis King’s criticism came in with Daniel Pipe’s quotation.

ISP # and a “Silver Siren” rejected to Will Beback’s assertion, in arguring against references to people as “rivals”, that “Larouche was also expelled from the Democratic Party, but I don’t think that all Democrats are Larouche’s rivals.”  This may be a point of precision, I suppose, as technically nobody’s “expelled” from a political party — even when they can be denied entry into any party function.

On the Views article, they slid in a reference to Ashara Al-Awat for a citation, and on Executive Intelligence Review a reference to Malaysian politician Ahmad Kassim in naming EIR as “just like Reuters”.  Also, say hello to the Larouche published articles “Yes, Hitler Killed Millions of Jews” and “The Murder of 6 Million Jews” [ultimately done by “the machine”, right?], and sought to minimize their associations with the Liberty Lobby — ultimately Javen466 was satisfied with its place in the section in chronology.  A battle moves on over citing something from regarding notes taken by Jeremiah Duggan at that infamous Schiller Institute retreat.  Coming shortly, I expect Javen466 and ISP #s will quarrel over Will Beback putting in references from Abraham Foxman’s “Jews and Money: the Story of a Stereotype” under the “Accusations of anti-semitism” sub-heading.

For comedy relief’s sake, in arguing for Larouche to be referenced as an “Economist” in the lede (ultimately defeated — all good and well, as Javen466 decided “I would rather work on adding a sentence to describe what influence he has had abroad”), the “pro” side offered up the bonafide academic peer review article reference in the review from American Economic Review on Dialectical Economics


These guys just can’t help themselves, can they?  Somehow they must turn the attention directed at their cult as stemming from a drive to stop their “World Historic Purpose”:

Symons was and remains a point person for Blair and the monarchy, in their “Duggan Affair” campaign against Lyndon LaRouche, a still-ongoing libel campaign that heavily overlapped with the smear campaign against British scientist and weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly, who exposed the “sexed up” Downing Street dossiers on Saddam Hussein to BBC, and was soon after, in July 2003, found dead, an alleged suicide. A group of British doctors has demolished the official Hutton Report that ruled Dr. Kelly’s death a suicide, and their demand for a proper coroner’s inquest is soon to be ruled upon by a British court.

In some ways it’s just one more item in the dizzying assortment clip for cut and paste jobs to any news events.  It dangles there whenever they feel a need to reference the Iraq War and Baroness Symons.  I suppose we have a better idea of the recent Qaddafi image they spit out — the analysis that brings Jeffrey Steinberg onto Iran’s Press TV.  He says nothing, but in his defense there’s a lot of talking heads bobbling up on various tv outlets that say nothing.  Amusing comments to this posting, though.  The first comment here says “Steinberg works for Wall Street. Trust nothing he says. I am disappointed that Press.TV would respect his opinion.”  It’s the advantage and disadvantage of working for something called “Executive Intelligence Review”, I guess.  Second comment more anti-Obama than Steinberg:  GADDAFI IS GOING TO STAY BECAUSE USA IS GOING TO INTERFERE WHICH THE PEOPLE OF LIBYA INCLUDING THE ANTI GADDAFI FORCES CANNOT TOLLERATE — which maybe the org will gravitate toward if Qaddafi does, indeed, pull through — if not for the over-riding need to see a global mass strike through, they probably would.

For the coming reports on Japan and Nuclear power — there’s a three or four step process to this.  Step one is something like this, and a gratuitous reference that anyone opposed to nuclear power is “worse than useless”.  I suppose they’re left standing with Obama’s support of nuclear.  Meantime, people are mining old Larouche material to smash it with other conspiratorial pieces to blame the earthquake as on the “West”, or the British, via HAARP

STORY NUMBER FIVE:  WEBCAST Held heralding Irish Election Results, blaming things on Venetians, NOTICED BY NOBODY

Okay, here’s a review.  So there’s something.
In the old days, that is the 1980s — long past the evolution of punk rock into politics and before the rise of cable, the cult would purchase half hour infomercial times on network television.  When I looked it up in news database archives, it appears to have been a smattering of weekend time slots (nobody watches tv Saturday nights) and the Thursdays when NBC had, like, 50 shares with Cosby — Cheers — LA Law.  The Nielson ratings are a hoot — Larouche’s infomercials were last in the ratings, with an audience half the size of the next to last network program.

The virtue of the webcasts is, I guess, they can be done more often.  Also it is the niche aduience, so really only the targetted audience knows the marching orders:   The only alternative to a total dark age, which has been uniquely proposed by economist Lyndon LaRouche, and the Congressional slate of six LaRouche Democrats, is the positive solution you must now fight for Whatever — NAWAPA, maybe?. 

Wait.  Robert Barwick in Australia noticed

BONUS FEATURES:  Quiz questionQuiz Answer.  Really, I think Larouche’s role in Tax Fraud history ought to be in the lede of his wikipedia article
One more question:  Will DaRos Democrats take the place of Larouche Democrats?
Jay, I understand the situation you face. These people are dominated by DaRos. They are DaRos Democrats. They are as fanatical and bizarre as LaRouche Democrats. All are willing victims of a personality cult. And the older and weirder the cult leader becomes, be it LaRouche or DaRos, so too the followers engage in more inexplicable acts of contemptible behavior.
Part of it is to prove their loyalty to their Dear Leader. But more and more, its just the tight circle of degeneracy in which they co-exist.
The only way to help these people, and ourselves, is to treat them like patients in need of medical treatment. Isolate them from their highly addictive narcotic (In this case, DaRos) and undertake immediate deprogramming techniques, such as repeatedly telling Chapman-Carbone “There is life after DaRos. The sun will rise even if DaRos says it won’t,” and so on.
There is hope for these poor people! Well, Madam Lambert may have stepped beyond hope into total DaRos worship; but for the rest of the bunch, let’s help them out of the RTM at the next election time, where they will have time to recover from being… “DaRos Democrats.”

It’s in the thought process of this:
Why is anyone paying any attention to has-beens? Lyndon Larouche, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee…….has-been losers of yesteryear. Let’s move on to new & improved losers & gasbags. Tell em, dott

As always, if you feel I missed a big story, let me know.

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