Wisconsin: Fox News entertainment

Fox News is, as always… entertaining.  Selective in choice of what stories to push forward from

One item — Skipping Bill O’Reilly’s focus on “Professional Left-wing” protesters, and obsession with bussing in, the palm tree effect is back in business.  Fox News grabbed the b-roll of a protest from California.  Reminscent of a Tea Party b-roll from the Washington Mall where Fox News switched a packed attendence event in the Spring for a more sparsely attended one in October — a back and forth with Sean Hannity ended up throwing Jon Stewart for two or three days of material.

Next Item — A day’s worth of material from a rather uneventful shouting match at a Wisconsin state Senator.  Senator Grothman takes it in good spirit, which is probably the politic thing a politician should do, I gather — unless their entire voting constituency is made up of Fox News viewers.

As always, stories like this produce a kind of narrow-casting — the search for the dramatic.  If we can scan and scan for Media Bias, such as Bill O’Reilly does:

And the New York Times headline today reads “Majority in Poll Back Employees in Public Sector.” But the poll is misleading because 20 percent of the responds say they are from union households. If you subtract them, those who favor cutting benefits win the poll. Wow, New York Times.

I take it that this is a variation of the “Only Property Owners should be allowed to vote” argument I see every election cycle, or something I’ve seen at lewrockwell about getting more power in the electoral process to the “producers”.

For more entertainment value, roll down the youtube video “related” sidebar for the youtube shots of “Union Thuggery”.  If you want to write an instant Jon Stewart clip, stick it next to their same commentary on Tea Party protests, and then raid MSNBC hosts and liberal youtube vloggers for the same in order to strike that equivalency balance.

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