The Mideast and the Midwest and Protests … compare and contrast

A few dozen rotesters are chanting Pioneer Square.  I’m wondering what their cause is, so I take a closer look.  They’re Libyans marching aginst Qaddafi, joining the massive protests in Libya.

For a second I thought they might have been showing Solidarity with breathens in Wisconsin.  As per usual, as the Left does, “solidarity” has been drawn between the various protests in the Mid-East and the Public Employees Union protests in the Midwest.  We see signs saying “Wisconsin = Egypt”.  If you say so — I like the Mother Jones q and a on events in Wisconsin — “Q:  Is Wisconsin the same as Egypt?  A:  No.”  (And there’s a link to a story explaining the key differences, as if they aren’t glaring.)

If it is the “Bizarro Tea Party” — like the Tea Prty is the Bizarro War Protests — I will say that the prank call of “Koch” to the Governor was a lot more productive and useful and successful than the Brietbart actor/activist/pimp wannabe’s attempted phone thinging with Senator Landrieu.

I will say that one neat thing about the events in the Middle East, even if it ends up being only “1848 Europe all over again” (ie: a somewhat disappointing end) — is to see different nationalities come out as we move onto different nations.  It’s a little like the World Cup Soccer Title game showing at Pioneer Square, which was packed this summer with Spaniards.

I only wish that the Midwest march produces a similar effect.  I want everyone from Wisconsin that lives here in Portland to be marching at Pioneer Square.  When we move on to Ohio, everyone from Ohio needs to come out.  Etc. Etc.


So.  Memos like this flowing out of the Obama Administration right now?

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