the willamette week box boff again

There’s one more day, or maybe just a handful of more hours, to see the Willamette Week mock – New York Post cover, parody “Sum of Sam” regarding Mayor Sam Adams — in the boxes around the city.

I point this out not so much because of the article / interview, but because looking around, it appears someone has penned in a funny blocked tooth for Sam Adams.  This itself wouldn’t be interesting, except that there are multiple examples of blocked Sam Adams tooths — it appears to be every one within the blocks I walked around yesterday.

Suggesting someone did it multiple times.  One makes sense.  Every one …
… That seems to be too much Effort for too little reward.  Unless, I guess, there’s a type of person, and enough of them, that it adds up quickly.


Update:  My mistake.  It’s just an unflattering photograph the ww put up.

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