the revival that keeps on going… kind of.

I find it fascinating to know that my “Leander Revival” item of years back continues to reverberate a bit.  Maybe this shouldn’t be all that surprising.  It is a reference point for new generations of peoples who have to deal with the self-imagined Messiah Prophet Revivalist — a revival that tends to extend to hearing distance from wherever he happens to be yapping his mouth.

The Leander Revival is a chronology of messages left on the Internet from 1998 and 1999 which describe the impact of a take-over of a Pentacostal Church in the small town of Leander, Texas by a controlling and divisive Hellfire preacher by the name of Ken Jones.  Jones came in to purify and cleanse the congregation and expose the members of its sins.  His doctrine was, more or less, that Ken Jones was without sin and thus if you follow him you will find new joys in the biblical story of Jesus’s “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” entreaty.

The church has, from what I gather, long moved on past this blip in its history.  I have received emails expressing a desire to explain what “really happened” in Leander and with Jones, or to clarify something, but I have never received any follow-ups.  I guess my standing offer is in place — if there’s some statement or other someone wants to add to the page, and I would not know what to ask, I do desire to de-personalize its effect from its final product in its formative effects on the self-imagined Messiah Prophet Revivalist.  It appears that Ken Jones grabbed ahold of his high school drama student protege by stressing over his sense of guilt in being purified of sin, and then back-sliding into the sin of onanism, which strikes me as a good mechanism of control if you’re tapping a teenager.

He made himself a permanent presence at one university in the northwest, and later a less permanent presence at, I believe, UCLA — jarring the typical pattern of the itenerant campus preacher.  Meantime, he has gone from church organization and sect to sect and church organization, looking for a home stressing biblical prophecy, lining himself up behind various charismatic figures of religious esoterica in order to — in short order in his mind — outgun them all.  He sooner or later wears out his welcome, as he casts everyone out to Hell.  It is clear that in his mind, he is attempting to replicate (or continue) the “Leander Revival”, and on his website is a list of key prophetic moments of the past few centuries in route to glorious Armegeddon which appear to have a bunch from standard texts of the true believer Apocalypse seeker — but then includes the more obscure and personalized one started by Ken Jones in Leander in 1998.

It was curious to note that he was an enthusiastic and active supporter of Ron Paul’s presidential bid, the subtext and occasional text of his many youtube videos coming back to “The Government took my kids away from me — and gave them to my Jezebel ex-wife.”  And, too, put him in prison.  I see now renewed attention from more current people who have dealt with him — a blog is following the sordid details of his current happenings — and on youtube now there is a cell phone diatribe from him where he plots to kidnap his kids and take them — free them, he believes — to some magical spot in the Hills where they cannot be touched by the Law.  So he has some warrants for his arrest, and you see his one way ticket back to prison, whenever he can poke his face out.

The curious thing about this, the one thing I wonder, is that I simply do not know who else where else he touched anyone’s life.

He has blossomed to now weigh 300 pounds and mostly just shoots off his mouth rather than weapons (so far) but who is now running from the law for violations of restraining orders and resisting arrest. His predictions don’t exactly fit the year by year type. They have more to do with that he will never again go to jail, all the deputies stalking him will burn in hell, and an earthquake will strike Portland yet spare those he wants (mainly his kids being protected by his ex wife) so that he can stride across the rubble and “rescue” them to be raised in a godly manner. Which is to say, by himself and a new wife he picked up on the internet. All drama no sense so I’m leaving out the details.
He always spouted such stuff but claimed God was going to do it. However, he started sending the prophecies to officials but slipped and left out the God part, which seems to have caught their attention more than when he was just targeting ordinary people.
It figures, I guess.
Some new prophecy:
I am sinless. I do not sin period. Please read I John 3:6-11.
I will marry [—]. I will get all 6 of my children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I will get a home with 2 acres of property in the moutains of the Pacific Northwest. I will have a national radio show.
My horn shall be magnified as King David’s was.
Last I checked in, he was seeking to be the next Dean Koontz.  The publisher sent him many encouraging rejection letters.   Which is fine, but here we mostly just shows the flimsiness of moving from one thing to another.
The discussion in interested blog-sphere gets more inane from there.  It is the Leander Revival, whether you want to rename it or not.

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