now here are the connections you need to make

Continuing on with the next ingredient in Beck’s make-up.

I don’t find the geneology of his history of conspiracism entirely convincing.  I’m not widely and systematically read on the subject, as much as I’m scatterdly so — the basic thrust needs a little tweaking.  It may be just that the antecedents exist such that trends in development never come out of whole cloth and are just re-tapped or re-emphasized, or re-discovered.

The lien goes that the major reference point for “The Enemy” in right-wing circles shifted from Moscow to a Western axis of Major Capitalist centers with Carroll Quigley’s 1966 book “Tragedy and Hope”.  Or more to the point, the 1970 Cleon Skousen book riffing off of Qugley, “The Naked Capitalist” — named after his 1958 “The Naked Communist”, and Gary Allen’s 1970 “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” — named after John Stormer’s 1964 “None Dare Call It Treason”.  But, the perfididy of The Rockefellar Clan and concerns were targetted a long time back, percolating about through various channels.  Maybe The Far Left (good and bad) fed into the Far Right through the 1960s the evils of the Institutes (leading up to Glenn Beck’s famous piece of Art Criticism.)

A fun little game to play.  Okay, one of a multitude of fun new “America Fallen from Its Limted Government foundings” — a check-list bullet-point list of secrets the liberals / socialist culture are keeping from you as they try to implant “Progressivism”.  You think it all started with the 14th Amendment or Woodrow Wilson, the Federal Progressive Income Tax, the Fed?  HA!  Shows what you know!
Martin Van Buren has a nightmare and big government is born– in the 1820s!
He did keep us out of War Against Britain, along the Canadian Border while the border hawks were clamoring for blood.  He deserves credit for that, doesn’t he?  (Or maybe he doesn’t, depending on which slice of Ron Paul you feel a kinship toward.)

The other week I listened to some supposed “Christian” AM radio, and heard that whole line about the Freemasons on the founding of this nation, symbols abounding everywhere — the all seeing eye on the dollar with the pyramid.  This show was immediately followed by a standard for this station items from American History — a highly selective quotation from a Founding Father to show this country was born a Christian Nation.  I guess you can give it up to this “Religious” station for airing a diversity of opinion, though they tend to exist in the same mind interchangably on whatever is needed at the time.  (Months back I heard on this station that Rockefellar was behind the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a means of putting Rockefellar on the Nazi Path I gather over the Nazis, you see.  Things make more sense and gain more context as I read a bit of bathroom graffiti alerting me to the story of IBM and —??? — letting WWII run its course for profit.  I’ll have to run an ametuer investigation on whether whoever wrote this bathroom graffiti is behind a scribbled note on a one dollar bill that circulated into and out of my hands — “alex jones THE TRUTH”.

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