A US white supremacist group (Council of Conservative Citizens) has called for a boycott of the Kenneth Branagh-directed superhero movie Thor on the grounds that a black actor has been cast in the role of a Norse god.  Ignore many other inconsistencies between Marvel comic rendition and the Mythology.  (bit more)

Cuba banned Michael Moore because of too-mythically good portrait of Health Care System

Stripped bare, here’s what the deal says about the two parties: Republicans care much more about tax cuts for the rich than about any of their specific arguments about what’s impeding recovery, while Democrats don’t have the votes to really put their preferred policies into place, and so are left settling for policies that they don’t think will work that well and, in some cases, don’t think will work at all. What we ended up getting was better than I expected, but it’s not a deal that anyone with a coherent view of the jobs crisis would’ve designed.

The death of North Dakota’s Non-Partisan League

Christmas Gifts for Cavemen

The “Late Night” Wars

Online Retailers selling at different prices based on what’s in your cookies

Are some Suicide Bombers Suicidal?

Who is this would be terrorist?  And isn’t the Media God?

Joe Manchin skips out on DADT vote

Michelle Bachman is sitting on the Intelligence Committee

Classic Media Sensationalism technique:  Bill O’Reilly Asks Whether Media Should Air Graphic Shooting… After Airing it 5 Times

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