Wikileaks Revelations that don’t really do any mean anything.

I don’t get this headline.  After Thwarted Attack, Question Is ‘Why Portland?’  .  Simply put — any particular reason why not Portland?  (also, by the way, on the commentary that he is so young — well, yeah — I’d be surprised if he were over over, say, 25.)

Willie Nelson arrested on Marijuana Possession.

The oddest thing about this dailykos post about the problems inherent in Bristol Palin’s Abstinence Ads, is that the ad senser plopped this ad for me:
Was that her appereal outlet for Dancing With the Stars?

Note on last week’s Simpsons episode, “The Fool Monty”.  “Taking an idea I got from a Steven King book, I’m going to cover this town with a Dome!  Ha ha ha!”  Lenny:  “It’s been done!”  Burns:  “Really?  You don’t say.”  … Referencing the South Park episode “Simpsons Already Did It“, a referential episode to various Simpsons episodes.

Rick Perry suggests a new war with Mexico
35 rules of Survivalists

The Republicans take down START at America’s peril.  But it hurt the Obama Administration, so Hey!

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