South Korean Puppet Groups refuse the Song of Pace-setters of Chollima Movement

Item the FirstThe Microbiological Research Institute of the State Academy of Sciences of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has made nutritive powder with Grifola frondosa, a mushroom belonging to Polyporaceae.
The mushroom contains bioproducts raising immunity in human body, lowering cholesterol in blood and stabilizing blood sugar and blood pressure.
The powder, easy to manufacture in any place, is very efficacious for radiation damage, liver disorder, digestive trouble, hypertension, diabetes and skin disease.
The O-Il Pharmaceutical Factory has made nutritive pills with asteroid.
The drug, with a large amount of minerals and vitamins, is not only good for mental and physical fatigue but potent for liver disorder, vascular trouble, gastric and duodenal ulcers and obesity.
It also prevents aging and improves retentive faculty, while giving no sideeffect.
Its manufacturing technology was highly appreciated at the 11th National Exhibition of Inventions and New Technologies held some time ago.

Item the Second:  A national vocal and instrumental solo contest of officials and members of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea took place at the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex.
The contest drew more than 100 union officials and members selected at the contests held in the capital city of Pyongyang and provinces, cities and counties.
The participants fully displayed the skills they have trained through their brisk mass cultural and artistic activities.
They successfully represented with rich voice such songs as immortal classic masterpiece “Where Are You, Dear General?”, “Looks of Korea” and “Song of Pace-setters of Chollima Movement”, songs from five revolutionary operas and folk songs.
They also skillfully played solos with such instruments as kayagum, accordion and harmonica.

Okay.  You have to go back a day to see some suggestions of current tensions.

The Science and Encyclopedia Publishing House of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has brought out new books.
“U.S. Imperialists’ Crime-woven History of Aggression on Korea”, made up of four chapters, contains detailed data exposing their aggressive moves perpetrated against the Korean people through centuries. The book proves that they are a sworn enemy of the Korean people.
“History of Korean Land System” (Vol. 3) cites the landownership and land management in Korea under the Japanese imperialists’ rule to prove that the feudal relations were intentionally maintained and strengthened in the countryside in that period due to their colonial policy.
“The Nation’s Wisdom, and Weights and Measures” introduces measuring units used by the Korean people from the ancient times to modern times and explains their role in the economic, social and cultural development of the country.
It also shows that they had a great influence on Japan in the system of weights and measures and cultural development.
“History of Ancient Korea”, “Kuryo History”. “Silla History” (Vol. 1) and “History of Ri Dynasty” (Vol. 10), series of “Divisional History of Korea”, have also been published.


After kicking off the war maneuvers for a war of aggression against the DPRK codenamed “Hoguk” the south Korean puppet group perpetrated on Nov. 23 such reckless military provocation as firing dozens of shells inside its territorial waters around Yonphyong Islet in the West Sea of Korea. The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK took such decisive military step as reacting to the reckless military provocation of the puppet group with a prompt and powerful physical strike.

Nevertheless, the puppet group dared make an uproar over “a provocation” from someone and cry out for “punishment” like a thief crying “Stop the thief!” To crown all, it announced that it would indefinitely put off the inter-Korean Red Cross talks slated to take place on Nov. 25.

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