Election 2010: For What it’s worth.

Put away polling as a lot of noise in a life which is too damned short, until…
… It is that time in the Election Season when Polling is everything, or at least Everything you’ve got.  Maybe there are other tea leaves to read than these numbers… What is this DSCC press release and Republican Response?

OHIO  The DCCC’s Ryan Rudominer says, “Not only has John Boehner recruited, embraced, and financed a disgraced Nazi enthusiast running for Congress, but now Boehner is pouring gasoline on the fire by holding a campaign rally with him. Unbelievably, this comes on the heels of John Boehner also embracing an Ohio congressional candidate being sued for attempted rape and sexual assault, and another who has ties to an organized crime syndicate that brands women like cattle.Thumbing his nose at our nation’s veterans, women, and people of the Jewish faith, all the while refusing to stand up for basic American values in order to try and win an election, apparently this is what Boehner meant when he said, “We’re not going to be any different than what we’ve been.”

In a statement to The Atlantic, Don Seymour from Boehner’s staff says it’s about the volunteers: “Leader Boehner will be rallying Republican volunteers at the Lucas County Victory Center to support the local Republican Party’s get-out-the-vote efforts.  Boehner has been on the road headlining rallies for Republican candidates in Ohio and across the country, and he’ll continue his busy campaign schedule into the final weekend before Tuesday’s referendum on Democrats’ jobs-killing policies.”
Throw it in the harp.
Meantime, there’s:
McDonalds’s in Ohio has sent employees a letter – included in paychecks […] If the right people are elected, we will be able to continue with raises and benefits at or above our present levels. If others are elected we will not.”
This is a trick that goes back to McKinley versus Bryan.  And every election season, I see a surprising number of defenders of it.

Nevada  The ideal outcome of the Senate race would see Harry Reid narrowly win, with a win whose results are pinned to an upswing of Hispanic voters ticked off by Sharron Angle’s EPIC race baiting.  (And here I thought the Tea Party was all about Fiscal issues — Take 1879.)   Once in office, the Democratic Party will take stock, and decide to choose between Schumer and Durbin to decide who commences forward — a party leadership fight with more sense to it than Pelosi — Shuler.)

This CNN polling makes no sense.
 773 LV   Reid:  45  Angle:  49
 1,286 RV   Reid:  43 Angle:  39
The point differential between “likely voter” and “registered voter” is EIGHT? 
For what it’s worth, the Republicans appear to edge in the game of “early vote” watch, though that — in our current 24 minute news watch — has shifted.  For what it’s worth, Democratic Partisans are pointing to the high discreprency in Nevada in the 2008 election between final poll and results.  For what it’s worth, Angle is already trumpeting “Voter Fraud”, something more of that race baiting, and with an interesting twist in the sense that the “touch screen switch” has been a concern of Democrats dismissed by Republicans as conspiracy theory for all of the 2000s.  For what it’s worth, Reid is claiming great internals.
For what it’s worth, some of Sharron Angle’s best friends are Mexican.
AND if you don’t vote for her, you will die.

FLORIDA.  The news item of cynical electoral games of the day involving Political Shifter Charlie Crist.  For instance, Clinton reportedly asked Meek to quit the race on the same day he gave effusive praise for him at a campaign rally.  Meantime, Obama cut a radio commercial a few weeks ago for Meek, transparently trying to keep the Governor’s race going — we want Alex Sink to win instead of the Medicare Defrauding Republican candidate.
The polls here are interesting.  The margin Crist trails Rubio by in the polls has been cut in half from about 14 to about 7.  If 7 is a large number to make up in a weekend, you at least know where the votes would come from.  So here is that curious sputtering of an upset sleeper special, whose possibility has always come down to a Collapsing of Campaign.  Do you believe in miracles, and if you do do you particularly want to rest one on behalf of Charlie Crist?
For what it’s worth, the grand take away from the last debate was Rubio and Crist agreeing with Bush’s plunge into Iraq.  So, you know, a Democrat would vote in Florida for Sink, and then take that deep breath on the Senate line, before feeling a tad oily in punching for Crist.

ALASKA  A somewhat spurious poll made the rounds, showing McAdams pulling right on past the flailing Joe Miller.  It at least makes intuitive sense, Alaska is the Wild Card of Election 2010’s Senate races.  I note that Larry Sabato, in his “Democrats get killed in the House, Hold onto Senate” predictions skips over this race as a win for either Murkowski or Miller, and so the conventional wisdom is set.
Joe Miller is not mentioning Lisa Murkowski, lest the voter get word of how to spell her name.
It is interesting to note that in the Great Fury to spot Voter Fraud, Joe Miller HAS A RECORD OF VOTER FRAUD of a rather curious sort.

The ideal result here is for McAdams and Murkowski to beat Miller.  Aesthetically, it’d be amusing to see McAdams win with something like 32 percent of the vote (the third party vote going to those Libertarian and American Independence Party candidates.) 

Connecticut Good news to WWE fans voting for Linda McMahon.  You can dress up like this at the polls.  A counter-offensive might be to dress up in WWF garb, but that would be too obscure a joke to work.

Louisiana.  Yes, I like Charlie Melancon’s new ad, despite its focus on “Sin”.  It gets nowhere, though.  The very definition of a spurious easily dismissed poll surfaced this week showing Melancon down by 3.  What was surprising was its trumpeting by partisan hacks, at dailykos, who should know better than to posit this as an “interesting race to watch”.  It isn’t, though we do have a demonstration here of why Eliot Spitzer ought not have resigned, and we do have the question… just two years away from John Ensingn’s election.

West Virginia.  Hm.
Raese was no one’s obvious bet to mount a serious challenge. Three times before he had run for statewide office and lost. He’s a plutocrat who looks the part, with snowy white sideburns, banker’s pinstripes, and a sonorous voice from his early days as a radio presenter, before he acquired a media empire and a limestone and steel company. He is amiable, but also a bit odd. Much of his speech at the Republican Victory Gala dinner on Friday night was devoted to venerating Ronald Reagan, which is standard Republican fare and always good politics. But his praise centered on Reagan’s decision to invade Grenada.
Hey.  Don’t knock it.  It’s become the great Treat for Kids at the Reagan Library.

Locked in a war room with military officials shouting at each other about the impending invasion of Grenada, Gen. John Vessey, President Ronald Reagan’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, rose from his chair.
“People! People!” he shouted. “Gen. Vessey has a request: I am super thirsty.”
His military commanders rolled their eyes and resumed the debate. Gen. Vessey—who outside this room was 13-year-old Christian Graves—slumped in his swivel chair, sighing deeply. He then ordered Army Rangers into Grenada. […]
On multimillion dollar sets replicating the Reagan White House, children play the parts of key officials and reporters to reenact the invasion of Grenada. The U.S. invaded the Caribbean island nation in 1983, fearing a communist takeover after a coup.
Making a 27-year-old invasion relevant for today’s children isn’t always easy. Kids have to be told what communists are, and why Grenada becoming a communist country would have been a big deal.
The reenactments are part history lesson, part interactive game. The kids decide whether or not to invade, how to carry out an invasion, even how to deal with media leaks.

KENTUCKY.  Naturally.  I’ve been getting non-ironic-seeming emails from readers claiming that the whole stomping thing was staged, was in fact the nefarious doing of (as best I can piece together) the liberal Canadian police state. That’s right: there are Stomping Deniers!Staged.
search Canadian Police Agents Provocateurs
This stuff happens world wide to silence decent.

Here’s one of the emails:

No fucking clue what that last bit means, but I googled “Canadian Police Agents Provocateurs” and came up with this item from Boing Boing. Apparently it’s all a consipiracy:

Meanwhile, the first story in the prisonplanet image docket is “Rand Paul Surges Ahead of Conway Despite Stomp Smears”.  Smear.  Sure.  I note “Newsbusters” is running with “Liberal Media Fails to Lift up Democrats” storyline.  Then there’s:
Alex takes a call from Al who talks about the media spin and smear campaign against Rand Paul of Kentucky, and how they may go one step further. Maybe even try to take him out!
Yessirre Bob.
Other news story linked to here — Good luck boycotting the NFL.
… considering that America is being Destroyed, no doubt about it.

WISCONSIN.  Odd bed-fellows for Politicians in Peril.  Bob Barr endorses Russ Feingold.  Pisses off a lot of conservatives who now call Bob Barr a Liberal.  (Seriously)

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