the midterm election wind up

Remember everyone.  Washington is broken.

Freaks on Parade.
And when asked if he would apologize to Valle. “I would like for her to apologize to me to be honest with you,” Profitt said.
Reminds me of something I once saw on The Simpsons:

Nelson: Stop hitting yourself.
Milhouse: Ooow!
Nelson: Stop hitting yourself.
Milhouse: Ooow!
Nelson: Stop hitting yourself.
Milhouse: Ooow

Authoratarian nitwittery.
Where the fun really comes in, And I’m just guessing, I haven’t checked this out yet.  If you’ve been reading this blog, you know my interest in the Rand Paul / Jack Conway race has been centered on the Alex Jones partisan blinders in his “New World Order” garb.
Check out this purple prose.

After months of endless contrived smears against Rand Paul that failed miserably, leftist Obamanoids were probably licking their lips when the “stomping” story emerged this morning. But now it has emerged that a Rand Paul supporter was the victim of an identical stomping, the scandal has blown up in their face.
Lefitist publications like the Huffington Post, Media Matters and Think Progress have once again been exposed in their pathetic attempts to manufacture fake controversies to score political propaganda points, just as liberals were left red-faced after a Conway supporter attempted to pose as a racist Rand Paul fan in an underhanded and pathetic ploy to discredit the Kentucky Senatorial candidate.
The Conway incident was by no means the only example of Obamanoid thugs attacking Tea Party activists for daring to go against the Democrat borg.
The “contrived smears” against Rand Paul includes pointing out the facility of his line about his opponents propping up a strawman in going back to his written and oral record, and repeating what he said… in their context.

What’s most important in this is that the Rand Paul / Jack Conway race is the only race Jones and Prisonplanet is emotionally invested in, by a long mile over what is only starting to drip in as #2 — Angle / Reid.  Go down the list of “Featured Stories” for today, and this is really something.
Conway Cover-Up: Media Ignores Admitted Obstruction Of Justice
EXCLUSIVE: Uncovered 9/11 Footage Shows FBI Director Asking Firefighters About “Secondary Hits” On WTC
Jack Conway Promoted Neo-Con Iraq War in 2002
Conway Fails To Condemn Brutal Attack On Rand Paul Activist
Police Officers FIRED for being TEA Party Members
Potentially “Hundreds Of Thousands” Of Mail Voters Disenfranchised

Think about this.  A negative Jack Conway story somehow manages to beat a “9/11 Truther” story.  And then the 9/11 Truther story is sandwiched and lost again by two following Conway items.

If the shoe were on the other foot, how do you suppose the youtube user flagging of these videos would be reported?
Actually, the Prison Planet stories tell the story: they’re from the land of George Soros.

A month or so ago, Meg Whitman unvelied an ad that was composed entirely of Bill Clinton lombasting Jerry Brown’s record in a 1992 presidential debate.  Jerry Brown just unleashed an ad that pivots off of Meg Whitman’s words about California falling apart, and how things were so much better thirty years ago — naturally, back when Jerry Brown was Governor.
Now Meg Whitman needs to come in with the ultimate retort, and I’m of course referring to this line of vintage criticism.

Rhode Island.  I think we can read the tea-leaves and say Obama has essentially given the go-ahead with what amounts to an endorsement for Lincoln Chaffe.  Sprio Agnew will be slinginv invectives against the New York Republican Senator in favor of Senate Candidate Buckley, with Richard Nixon making bland statements of supporting the Party, now.

Freaks on Parade.
As the event was coming to a close, a campaign staffer in a car near the assembled press reportedly spoke loudly into his cell phone, saying: “She’s Ready? She’s coming out now?”
Two women then got into his car, while Angle apparently went out a side door, avoiding TV cameras altogether.

Sort of Nixonian, actually.
So… do you believe her?

There is, of course, something a bit troubling about a Senate candidate insisting he or she will only deal with the press after they’ve been elected.

There is something a bit more troubling about a Senate candidate insisting he or she will only deal with the press after they’ve been elected… who is then elected.

Freaks on Parade.

An all star cast!
Palin, Huckabee, Bachmann, DeMint!
Lions and Tigers and Bears, and… um… (drat, Need to add something… um) and DeMint!!!

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