the Rolling University and the tangled Soros Tides Foundation Octupus

I am dumber for having read this, which comes from out of what I guess is “PUMA-ville“:

QUESTION: Is it possible for Nancy Pelosi to be defeated on November 2nd?
Remember how stunned Democrats were in 2004 when tax cheat Tom Daschle , then a Democrat Senate leader, lost his seat to Cocktail Party darling John Thune? No one saw that coming.  The election was closer than anyone could have imagined.
Could the same thing happen to Nancy Pelosi?

Really?  The example given doesn’t even compute — the Republicans targetted Daschle and campaigned to the hilt to defeat him, leveraging Bush’s electoral domination in South Dakota.  Anyway, the answer is … of course not.  But this is funny.

(3) Halloween weekend is a very big deal in San Francisco.  Liberal voters tend to be more into Halloween than conservatives are.  Halloween is a big cosplay drinking party that will run nonstop from Friday October 29th through Sunday October 31st, with many San Franciscans dragging tail Monday morning November 1st.  Will they be motivated to hit the polls on Tuesday, either going in early before work or after they’ve dragged themselves through a rough recovery Tuesday? Ordinarily, would this wouldn’t be that big of a factor…but in a year when people are demoralized and dejected anyway, how many will use Halloween as an excuse to just not vote?

Someone do a study on whether Elections held on November 2 had an electorate bias based off of Halloween partying hang-overs.
Anyway, John Dennis is quite well known in the right niche blogosphere parts — the “Daily Paul“.  Meantime, Summer Shields…:

I live here and NO ONE seems to know who John Dennis is. I have seen more literature and canvassing by the La Rouche backed Democratic candidate Summer Shields. he is a young black man who wants to impeach Obama. John Dennis is doing a lousy job making himself known. He is a Republican, but of the Libertarian thread. He COULD defeat Pelosi because his platform is more like San Franciscans than Pelosi!
He is a very good looking man, too, so all he has to do is plaster his picture up and these dumb queens around here will vote for him just for that reason alone.

 So there you go?  Note that nobody here is thinking of actually writing Summer Shields’s name in.  I’ll be sure to look for the upsurge of commenters online planning on that act.
Meantime, Democratic Party Demorialization for Election cycle 2010 can be quantified with this anecdotal report from the Texas 22 District:
I think I’ll sit this one out.
OR even this positive notice:
A Democrat, the All-America sounding Kesha Rogers, running for Tom DeLay’s old Congressional seat (“Without DeLay” was once her slogan) on a platform that includes impreaching Obama for supporting Britain’s colonialism (She and the Newt can debate splitting the difference over whose colonialism it really is.) These are candidates deserving of wider recognition, by pundit’s polls (geeks seeking higher ratings). They are entertaining, are fearless about their warts and faux pas, have views that chart new political courses – and have withstood direct challenges by their own parties. They, like the others, won the first round.  Do they deserve to lose? You bet’cha.
Rogers actually has some good ideas. She and Lyndon LaRouche want to go to Mars; I want them to go to Mars, too.

Rick Potvin passed off a “members only” blog post announcing that the “LYM Can be Considered a University on Wheels“.  FANTASTIC! 

Hm.  @seedypete: PS – Two second Lyndon Larouche story … I was in high school, second row, history/current events class … the teacher was this insane old man … imagine Kinison in “Back to School” …
Anyhow, it was just after an election and Lyndon LaRouche had gotten some small amount of votes … and the teacher quietly … oh so quitely walks in front of the class and says … “Lyndon Larouche received x amount of the vote yesterday despite claims that he is anti-Semitic and a neo-Nazi. Why is that? Why would anyone vote for him? Anyone? Anyone?”
Everyone else (smartly) sat there quietly … but since the guy in front of me was out sick, this teacher was staring right at me. So, I kind of cleared my throat and said, “Um, they didn’t know who they were voting for?”
He looked at me … paused … and said, “They didn’t know who they were voting for … they didn’t know who they were voting for … THEY DIDN’T KNOW WHO THEY WERE VOTING FOR! Then he picked up the empty desk and threw it across the front of the room.
Come to find out that was his way of agreeing with my statement … but I very nearly pissed myself … and never spoke in his class again for the rest of the year …

Here we see the LYM, and the “Boomers”, wheeling around:

larstrausslardowners  I’ve never known a Univeristy Professor who has not offered up his or her name.

 Burlington Post OfficeI’m not sure what the Larouche reference is. Is he still emitting crazy from the grave?

Downer’s Grove, Illinois.  “Hi, you ready to remove Obama?” a female LaRouche supporter asked a man walking out of the post office?”
The man walking by gave a low-key response: “Um, no, not really.”[…]
A Downers Grove Police officer stopped by to caution the two about their approach while at the same time acknowledging the activists’ right to free speech. The officer, who would not provide his name, said the department received five or six calls from people complaining about their display. […]
A few people who walked by the display seemed to at least agree with their “impeach Obama” message, referring to socialism and accusing the president of trying to turn America into a socialist country like the former Soviet Union.

 Yucca Valley Post Office
“We’ve got the real guts on this thing and we know what to do,” said one of the volunteers, who declined to give his name.
Several inquisitive motorists stopped to get more information. Most expressed anger toward the current administration, but few registered their financial support for the PAC’s organization.
Many asked whether the group had any affiliation with talk show host Glenn Beck, whom they were more interested in supporting.
Self-employed resident Raymond Falk took an interest in the PAC’s demonstration Tuesday.
“He’s following ‘Mein Kampf,’” Falk said of Obama, referring to Adolf Hitler’s famous work. Falk said he felt the president was “running us into the ground,” and that he wants too much power.
Falk wasn’t the only initial supporter. Helen Price also stopped to check out the clamor.
“I called the White House today and said ‘I’m tired of them saying I’m fired up,’” Price said, adding that she feels the current administration is “ruining everything in this country.”

Price said she attributes the lack of jobs in the country to “a year on health care,” and said she felt President Obama’s efforts should have been focused elsewhere.
“Where do I sign up?” asked Bud Foster, after seeing the controversial posters. 

Associated with Glenn Beck?

Wow…this LaRouche guy is looking for his 15 minutes of fame but just can’t seem to find it. He’s been associated with the SOCIALIST Workers Party, ran for president under the US Labor Party and even the DEMOCRATIC Party. So just who does he want to represent…himself?

Or perhaps the road-side people were with John Dingel and not Glenn Beck?

Remember when the left glommed onto the first sighting of an Obama-Hitler sign as originating from the tea party, when in fact the man holding the sign was a democrat supporter of John Dingall? No wonder they have swept Democrat Rogers’ demand for impeachment (complete with Obama-Hitler signs) under the rug. It is impossible to fit a square peg Obama opponent into a round hole narrative.

A bit funny to mention Glenn Beck.  There’s a two degrees of separation, or thereabouts, with the media consumption of the terrorist Bryon Williams, who picked up on the “Tides Foundation” as a font of horror in part from Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, and the conspiratorial ramblings of one Lyndon Larouche, as he connects the Tides Foundation with George Sorors and

Under Soros management are four core elements functioning as a single integrated foreign agency:
** The Democracy Alliance. a private billionaires’ political club founded by Soros in 2004-2005;
** The 2-million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), led by Soros servants Andy Stern and Anna Burger. […]
** The Tides Foundation, a tax-exempt channel for political funding ($80 million per year) from anonymous wealthy donors.

** The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now — ACORN — a vast street-level corps created in the 1970s as a neo-fascist “New Left” control mechanism over the black ghetto, […]


 I note some key differences here between any item of conspiracism floated from Larouchies and the same ones floated elsewhere
The report identifies the Bagram “black jail” as a “screening facility” run by the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), the military’s counter-terrorism unit which runs a network of secret prisons, and deploys hit teams around the world for the purpose of “snatch and grabs” and targetted assassinations—much of which is falsely attributed to the CIA. The JSOC also carries out many of the drone bombing raids, especially those which kill civilians, in Afghanistan and Pakistan. (U.S. government documents show that the JSOC was also involved in the October 1986 raid against Lyndon LaRouche and his associates, in which the intention was to use the search-and-seizure operation as a cover for the assassination of LaRouche.)

Larouche is the only one that’s going to insert his Assassination into the world picture.

 Lyndon LaRouche? Please! Same problem with all the other do-gooders that don’t understand what they are up against. They become tools of destruction but are allowed to maintain their personal sense of ‘duty’. Suckers….

HmWilliams blames the Obama administration and Billionaire George Soros for orchestrating the Deepwater Horizon explosion and BP oil spill.

That’s a nutty one.

Anyway… Let’s play Right – Left ping pong.  What say you, Ayn Rand philes?

I listened carefully to the Reisman lecture, and I read carefully the WSM material, and I learned nothing new about true (laissez-faire) capitalism and nothing new about socialism, whether of the statist-totalitarian or (supposedly) “democratic-consensus” variety. Reisman is (and Rand, before him, was) spot-on in regard to the true totalitarian nature of fascism and National Socialism. The WSM folks read like a near-cousin of the Lyndon Larouche stuff.

Um.  What this is?
Who belongs to the “Order of the Toilet”?

And this is odd, as we go from Larouche on Soros to wanting the new Republican Congress to investigate Obama’s “Eligibility“.

Is that the Larouche Plan of which this guy speaks, or is it the Orly Taitz Plan?

Here we see Bill Lauten gripe about who the Democratic Party hierarchy supports and two comments

Mr. Lauten–If you’re so unhappy with Democrats, please feel free to leave the Party and take Mr. Larouche with you.

Larouchites are batty –

Also Bill Lauten is running for State Treasurer on the “American Indepence Party” — or Constitution Party.

In Wikipedia News — the anonymous ISPs that currently make up the Wikipedia Sock Puppet Team have come up with the need for inclusion of:
In 2008, ”Fenomeni e Fisica” (”Phenomena and Physics”) was published by the Italian publisher Minerva. It is a high-school level science textbook written by P. Marazzini, M.E. Bergamaschini, and L. Mazzoni, which includes a section on the “LaRouche-Riemann method,” contrasting LaRouche’s view of the non-entropic nature of human development to the pro-entropic view of the [[Club of Rome]]. The authors say that LaRouche emphasizes technological innovation and human creativity, contradicting a deterministic view of society and economics, but that he doesn’t clarify how these factors affect quality of life.
While there is almost no coverage of LaRouche economics, there are very large and irrelevant sections on “Psycho-sexuality and political organizing”, “Marxist roots,” and homosexuals. These seem to be there only as an excuse to include a bunch of attacks on LaRouche.
You go with what’s relevant.

Anyway, they’re getting their way a bit, though, with one editor who keeps ending his missives with a great “Cheers!” … Curious to note:

There does seem to be a problem with the sourcing of views. What is being requested under WP:RS#Quotations is a citation of the original source. In most cases that has not been provided. In some cases a citation was provided that did not correspond to the attributed view. For example, this source does not say that LaRouche views the Beatles as “tools of oligarchs or Aristoleans” — it simply makes it clear that he dislikes them (and I’m not convinced that this is a notable view, worthy of being in the lede.) This source doesn’t say that Dick Cheney “ordered the 9/11 attacks” — it says that “the entirety’ of Cheney’s power over U.S. policy-shaping ‘was gained solely through those of his presently undiscovered political benefactors who staged the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001,” which I understand to mean that Cheney was able to increase his influence due to the attacks. Since this is a BLP I think it is important that the views attributed closely match the original source. The alleged views on the Holocaust and “Zionist conspiracy” still have no original source cited. Delia Peabody (talk) 22:53, 14 October 2010 (UTC)
That’s amazing Delia. I have never ever, counting from my one and only drug trip 10 years ago, seen such a massive distortion of reality as in the Beatles-“quote”. I’m stunned. Who created this crap ?

So, we’re moving away from the “Larouche was on the radio in Salt Lake on the morning of 9/11 and” he fingered the Israelis as it was happening?  A source of pride in an interview I once heard with a … Wolfson?  Wolfman?  Also, I once asked a Larouche Youther why he joined, and he made sure to mention in his answer that 9/11 was an Inside Job…

In other wikipedia news, the Kesha Rogers article is being moved into a generarlized Texas elections article, as This person does not qualify for her own article in Wikipedia. Politician who has never held office, neve won an election, is far behind in the polls, etc.)  What polls is s/he talking about?

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