This is always fun: Rand Paul News

Headline:  Conway camp calls on Paul to return money from white separatists.

This is the type of headline that when I see, I run straight to the comments section.  You understand the Ron Paul / Rand Paul base of national supporters who do that “Keyboard Warrior” stance on any “attack” on the Pauls, especially in this tight Senate race where, you know, the election could hinge on any single comment.

So we shift to a weird Equivalency … GEORGE SOROS!!!!
Conway’s campaign has accepted significant support from far left “progressive” groups like and donations from globalist billionaire George Soros (who has for example, bankrolled gun control/ban schemes the world over).
Conway’s campaign must immediately return that money and repudiate support from such as Soros and the MoveOn group since the leftist ideology they represent is totally “out of touch” with Kentucky values.
As is pretty much everything else Conway professes to support.

Hm.  That seems to the be a major theme.

when Conway returns the money from George Soros, I;m sure Rand Paul would do like wise.
Conway has spent 98% of his time tell Rand Paul what to do and none of the time telling the voters what he (Conway) would do in the Senate. I guess Obama and Reid will just tell Conway what to do if all parties somehow make it to Washington in Jan. 11.

Then there’s what Jack Conway represents:
From American Third Party Website =
Tidal Wave of Mexicans Flee into Texas from Self-Created Crime Disaster
Nearly a quarter of a million Mexicans have fled the drug-crime disaster ===
I made first visit to the A3P website this morning. The above is a reverse of the smear Conway directed towards Ran Paul. Do you really want Jack Conway representing you in Congress?

Anti-White Hatred Reaching New Zenith
Government anti-white hostility and pressure from the Obama-backed NAACP are the reasons why the Black Panthers who racially abused and threatened whites outside a Philadelphia polling station were not prosecuted, two former Department of Justice (DOJ) officials have revealed. JACK CONWAY SUPPORTS VIOLENCE AND THE BLACK PANTHERS.

There is a group of individuals who I gather are hoarding the Ron Paul Liberty Dollars.:
C’mon! I’m BEGGING the CJ to unleash their October Surprise against Rand Paul NOW! I’m so excited and eager for what they will try to concoct to help Conway that I can hardly stand it. (Well, not really…but I thought I would pretend so the CJ Editors think they still yield some influence).
On second thought, I’m going to go to bed. Yaaaawwwwwn…..

‘Cause you see… there can be no negative news about Ron and Rand Paul.  Every campaign utterance from the opposition … is a dirty trick.

And What I look forward to most of all… clarification of the donors.

Where did the “white” come into play with the separatist.
The movement is for an independent South.
Its biggest change would be elimination of public schools and more focus on religion. A place where the state flag would fly above the Federal flag.
In testimony from several people who have attended meetings nothing of race was ever mentioned.
All races are encouraged to join.
They want the southern culture and values to rise again.
Agree or disagree, only a liberal rag could put race into a non race story.
Some people are proud of there white heritage and are tired of having to carry white guilt for something they had nothing to do with. This country celebrates every races heritage and achievements except European (white). These people are tired of this and want to be proud of who they are and where they came from. Conway can go join the black caucus if he wants since there is no white alternative and to even bring up leads some to believe me a racist.

These comments don’t mention that both Paul and Conway are extraterrestrials here to prepare us for the alien colonization of earth. PUT ON YOUR TIN FOIL HATS SO THEY CAN’T CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS!

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