The VAULT versus BASEMENT TEAM. Rachel Brown, no longer a national figure. Kesha Rogers — INTERNATIONAL FIGURE.

Kesha Rogers is number 8 on a Norwegian list of kooky American candidates.  Looking down the list without the translation, I see some familiar faces — and a reason to suppose it’s not just a round-up of 2010 Candidates — a categorization which would be more interesting.  Still, I suppose what we have here is a sign that Kesha Rogers is now the International face of the Larouche Movement.
Rachel Brown had her chance.  But the Barney Frank campaign pulverized the Rachel Brown Campaign.  It put the Brown campaign in a shredder, then burned it into ashes, then spit it off through a worm-hole into an alternate universe where the Laws of Physics allow for matter to be destroyed.

Either that or… something called “The Vault” kept her from winning?  The Vault is hidden inside the Inner-Alpha Group.

Last minute campaigning:

Brown’s plan for the day was to drive around the district in a sound car, playing music and talking to voters. The sound car was crafted from a scuffed-up green Jeep 4×4 a New Hampshire LaRouchie had offered for the occasion. The A-frame mounted on top featured a poster with a picture of her that encouraged the residents of the 4th District to “DESTROY THE BRITISH EMPIRE, IMPEACH BARACK OBAMA!” A smaller, slightly lower-key sign on a rear window had a less urgent demand: “RESTORE GLASS-STEAGALL.” As we set out with Scott Mooney, another LaRouchie, in the driver’s seat, Brown explained that she wasn’t worried about her chances in a district that had shown itself to be overwhelmingly Frank-friendly for decades. “There’s something about Americans which is that we may let things get bad, but we tend to resist fascism,” she said. “We tend to not allow fascism at the last moment. So, people are smelling that.”

Ah, yes.  Optimism.  But… she didn’t confront the awesome power of the “Vault”.

It is this optimistic vision of the future, which Brown presented in the debate, and throughout her campaign, which left Bailout Barney stammering in a rumpled heap, and has put the Inter-Alpha Group’s predatory looters on notice, that they have run out of time. While it is not clear, at the moment, that enough Massachusetts’ citizens will come forward and cast their votes for Brown, to give her a victory on September 14, it is clear, that the days of Barney’s bullying are over, and that his demise, and that of the failed presidency of Barack Obama, are now at the top of the agenda of the American people.

Hm.  Well, it is now clear that not enough Massachusetts citizens “came forward”.  Apparently something was holding them back.  The AP called it at 9:22.  Then again,

The Boston Vault intervened to make sure Rachel Brown’s vote was suppressed. It’s not Barney’s doing, this is over Barney’s head. He is now officially used up. His usefulness is finished, Rachel Brown and her campaign has really destroyed his political career.

Got that, Sean Bielat supporters?  A vote for Sean Bielet is a vote for Lyndon Larouche!

Rachel Brown is now a figure of national influence. It’s not a question of a head-to-head fight with Barney Frank. Barney is just a tool of the Vault, and it’s they who have to be destroyed. This is the fight for Glass-Steagall. They are weak. They can still pull dirty little tricks like vote fraud, but they can’t rig the financial system to keep it together. This thing is falling down around their heads, and we’re the only ones left standing.

Yeah, but as we saw from Norway, Kesha Rogers is a figure of INTERNATIONAL INFLUENCE. I need some caffeine.

But, according to the source, it was the major Boston bankers, the scions of the so-called Vault, who squeezed their own employees to turn out to vote for Barney or face possible job losses. The source did not in the least dismiss the possibility of outright fraud — which the Vault crowd certainly has the capacity to pull off, even as they face imminent bankruptcy. More to follow.

For what it’s worth, the Brown supporters are not voting for Frank — though I don’t know how this really alters “The Nate Report”‘s calculus.  They’re out mobilizing to fight “The Vault”.

Hm.  Maybe  Middleton, NJ can help me out with “The Vault”.

Does this have anything to do with the Buildabears?”
“The Bilderbergs,” Tommy corrected, “And yes it does.” He handed me a leaflet.

Hold on a minute.  I have a hunch that somewhere, the editors at DC or Marvel hatched something called the “Vault”.  Quick google search and….  Has Lyndon Larouche been reading from that old stash of comic books again?  So, apparently, these guys have defeated Rachel Brown?

Officially, Rachel Brown was given 21.5% of the vote, a tally that did not match with the momentum and widespread support that she received, particularly following the Sept. 7 debate with Bail-out Barney.

Silly me.  I forget.  It’s truly an International Movement — the Fourth International, indeed… and it is all interconnecting.  Look how the Rachel Brown smackdown of Barney Frank is reverberating abroad, talking Lake Baikal!

Now, I should just mention that we had on Saturday, we had the first of our planned NAWAPA conferences in Cologne, which Iwould say was really a major success, not so much from the standpoint of the number of people who attended — it was between40 and 50 people, which could have been obviously a lot more.  But I thought it was a real success, because — and I think this is important for future such organizing — because it was both the power of where we stand in terms of the fight, you know theRachel Brown/Barney Frank debate, the Glass-Steagall issue, the window of opportunity of the next several weeks.  And then, afterI presented that, I showed the German version of the NAWAPAvideo, and then I ended it with an update on the whole strategic situation with the Eurasian Land-Bridge and the Transaqua project for Africa and similar things.

All that matters is that debate!

Rachel Brown and her campaign did exactly the right thing, she forced them out in the open, and made them play all their cards, as you saw with the debate. Now is the time to keep up the intensity, and realize how much has been accomplished with what has been done.

What did they accomplish, exactly?  She inspired a love of the American Democractic Election System — where anyone get their name on the ballot for a run (except for Summer Shields)!
I love this country!
And she clarified…  the “fundamental relationships that the Earth as a whole has to solar and cosmic radiation.” That takes some doing.
Wait.  Does the Vault have something to do with this?
In other news, wonkette gives the minutes of a Bart Breitbart 9/12 rally:
12:16 – LaRouchies arrive with their usual Obama Hiter ‘stache flag. Nothing to see here …
12:17 – Fat man with a megaphone chanting U-S-A, U-S-A. Wow he is fat.
Is this the same event as this “Get the Hell out of Here” shout went down?
I won’t say too much good about the proprietor of that website — Dishonest Partisan Hack –, but I will say they refute this assertion:
Schedule a tea party on the grounds of the Washington Monument on the anniversary of 9/11 and you’re likely to get a few counter-protesters or people with nutty signs. But while tea partiers seem to have high tolerance for say, LaRouchies and birthers, they don’t seem to have much patience with truthers, conspiracy theorists who think that the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 9/11 might have been orchestrated by the Bush administration,
Of the three, I’d say they have a higher tolerance for “Birthers”.  Your Bart Brietbart gives a big stinking blurb onto this conspiratorial (and rather dizzying) book, which does run into the realm of birtherism.   Still, we see the desire to point out they mean to distance themselves from the toxic larouchies and make sure everyone knows they’re parasitical to the cause in this wikipedia edit.
On September 12th, 2010 LaRouche supporters infiltrated the Taxpayer’s March on Washington event, setting up Obama-as-Hitler signs calling for the president’s impeachment. The signs advertised LaRouche’s political action committee and signs encouraging people to vote for LaRouche were also present, although hidden under the supporters’ table. After a non-violent confrontation with the event’s organizers, the Capitol Police asked the LaRouche supporters to leave and they complied.
I can’t say that is a proper wikipedia edit.  We can’t just glom every incident that gets blogging traffic onto these articles, can we?  Otherwise, Alaska Nut defeats 9/12 Warriors gets placed above this one.
The crowd was cheerful as we marched to the Capitol, chanting, singing patriotic songs, and interacting with supportive onlookers. I saw no disrespectful signs, and heard no disrespectful comments, although I heard there was a small group of Lyndon LaRouche supporters sporting Adolph Hitler masks and mustaches, and carrying signs that would be objectionable to any Tea Party member. The LaRouche supporters were confronted by a few folks as not representing Tea Party views, and ultimately were asked to leave by the police.
I hear tell they’re Democrats.  Radical DemocratsJoe Biden Democrats!
“So, you like Biden then?” I asked, hinting at the question of who’d be in charge if Obama were out. “We have channels to him,” said Jim. He was unwilling to disclose who those channels were, but he implied that there were people on Capital Hill with connections to Biden that could convince him to do what the LaRouchies wanted.
By the way — Kesha Rogers… in favor of off-shore drilling.
Also… this?  But we’ve skipped from Right, I guess to… Left, I guess?
The there’s the Basement Project, probably so named because those who proposed it have not been allowed out of the basement for years.
One can dream, can’t one?

I think I just found a class project for my Water Resources Management class.

In other news — the Post Office Tour stops by — where’s this?:
When I mentioned that they are technically a political cult she responded that, “she doesn’t judge the way ‘he is’ [Larouche] because she wants the government to run properly.” I can only laugh to myself and wag my head at the thought of how bad government would be (worse than Obama’s made it) if these guys were in charge. She later said “I want what God wants me to do,” somehow equating her giving $25 dollars to a political cult who practices brainwashing techniques, anti-Semitism, large swings in policy, and its members indicted in murder as something God wants her to do. The lack of thinking in today’s culture (religious, non-religious, Democratic or Republican) never ceases to amaze me. Never.
The Ronkonkoma Post Office!
“He’s worse than Hitler!” one coughed out.”He wants to kill all the old people!” the other replied.
They got mostly nowhere with this. Only one haggard middle-aged man came over to speak with them and collect some reading pamphlets. He seemed to readily connect with them over ideological matters and offered his own thoughts on some of today’s most pressing issues.
“Obama is a Muslim and not even an American. What we need to do is round up all these Arabs and Muslims like we did the Japanese and send them away. They have too many Muslim kids. Where were they when we were fighting the wars? They’d kill us all if they could.”
Shortly later, the pair seemed to grow tired of discussing their agenda, and even threatened to call the police and have this reporter arrested for “interfering with their free speech rights”.  They began to pack up the dog-eared signs and photo-copied materials.
That seems to be becoming a trend.  Is it a calling card for these two specifically?
“Let’s go to Bay Shore,” said Wesser to Sare.

All right.  Maybe I should start a map!

Rye Post office on Purdy Street in New York!

Sandwich signs were at the street corner telling drivers to pull over to stop Obama. No one pulled over as I drove by nor later when I, around noon, stopped at the table myself. In fact no one was even parking in the precious spots in front of the post office that are usually full.

Boise, Idaho

A group representative said Obama is killing people and the economy by lowering funding for Medicare and Medicaid.
Sternberg was angry that the group was recruiting in front of the 9/11 memorial.
“It’s a vessel to attract attention,” he said.

Wait.  Hold on!  This is informative!
If there had been some group like the LaRouche movement in Germany at that time, with the courage to denounce Hitler despite his popularity, many lives could have been saved.
I’ll get back to that in a minute.

Back to my Middleton, NJ link.

“What else do you guys do besides this?” I asked. “We do this full time,” Jim said, “We’re like missionaries.” […]

Yeah, you’re gonna hop in, but who knows if you’ll make it? You just run anyway and hope that you do.” Who knows? You predicting the marketplace meltdown is who should know! This runs up against the question of, “What do religious folks who believe the Rapture’s coming on Tuesday night do Wednesday morning?” Well, they probably say they messed up and that it’s coming the Wednesday after next. And when that day comes and go, they do it all over again. Just like the Marxist does every time the revolution doesn’t come, like the Kucinich supporter does every time the votes don’t add up in their favor; they just hop in that boat and hope the lava doesn’t hop in a boat of its own.

I can think of things worse than whatever Kucinich supporters do every time votes don’t add up in their favor.  Kucinich supporters know their guy lost.

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  1. Justin Says:

    And then there is:
    THE mother of Golders Green student killed in mysterious circumstances in 2003 in Germany says she is “devastated” in another delay in the investigation.

    Jeremiah Duggan’s body was found on a road near Weisbaden, in 2003 and although German police ruled he had died in a road traffic accident the High Court ruled in May there were suspicious circumstances around it.

    The Jewish 22-year-old had become mixed up with a right wing group called La Rouche before he died.

    In June a new inquest was opened at Barnet Coroners Court which ordered the Metropolitan Police to re-examine evidence about the death and ordered them to report back next Thursday, September 16.

    However, yesterday Erica Duggan, Jeremiah’s mother, was told by officers they would not be attending the hearing as they had not got anywhere with the investigation.

    She told the Times Series: “I’m absolutely devastated. It’s been seven years and still they’ve got nowhere with this investigation.

    “Police were asked to come and report back on how the investigation is progressing, not to make excuses and not attend.

    “I had all this hope about the new inquest, but now this is going on and on I can’t take it any more.”

    Mrs Duggan was in Germany this weekend to lodge a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights against German police, the first time Germany has been taken to that court.

    She claims the police failed to properly investigate the circumstances surrounding Jeremiah’s death and accuses them of destroying key pieces of evidence including his clothes.

    A spokesman for the Met Police said they are investigating the death, but the complexity of liaising with German police means the inquiries are taking longer than usual.


    The Ham&High understands the delay is down to a scarcity of resources and the number of ongoing live murder investigations occupying detectives at Scotland Yard.


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