I’ll give you some High Concept!

Interestingly, the concept of “one” has been broached by Larouche in a number of ways.
In both Houston and San Francisco, the campaigns have been speaking in many classrooms, announcing the campaigns, and directing people to the NAWAPA maps on the website. In all three locations, what is most impressive is the total sweep of activity, centered around the “One” of LaRouche’s forecast, and LaRouche’s solution. Beyond the agitation they are tapping into directly, it’s clear there is an even higher level of response which is “unseen,” as people meet us and then discuss what the campaigns are doing at home and at work.
Well, it fits Bono’s vision and message more clearly than this one did.
In adolescence — middle school and high school — whenever a program of one sort warning us on the dangers of drugs, promiscuous sex, or gangs was inserted into the class, we’d invariably hear that line.  “If I reach just ONE student here, it will be worth it.”  So we enter wikipedia, and see — admist what has been referred to as a “Herschle Kurstofsky Sockpuppet spree”:
(Seriously, if the silly banner alerts just one reader to the exploits of the exceptionally loathsome POV warrior Will Beback, that’s probably the best outcome one could hope for)
As you’d expect, “Paths of Change” has been banned.  In honor of his memory, I have increased the chances that that ONE PERSON will be affected — and will know the horrors of the WIll Beback administration in the Larouche related items on wikipedia.

Other wikipedia sockpuppet deletions this week — a “Dern Tootin“, who wanted to get the bolded part of this into the “Citizens Electoral Council” entry:
The CEC also includes the ”’Australian LaRouche Youth Movement (ALYM)”’, the Australian branch of the International LaRouche Youth Movement.  It was founded in August 2002, and focusses on the economic thought of Lyndon LaRouche as well as what they regard as Australia’s republican tradition, including figures such as John Curtin, King O’Malley, and John Dunmore Lang.
Do the estates of John Curtin, King O’Malley, and John Dunmore Lang object?

(from factnet):  PS. Since I’m posting, I probably should check the election results from this weekend. The CEC got 0.07% of the lower house vote (that’s a swing of -0.15%) and 0.13% in the senate (swing of +0.06%). An unsuprisingly pathetic result, given that this election is significant for it’s swing away from the “major” parties, and given that the financial crisis should have been a dream come true for an organisation who’s been saying “the economic sky is falling!” for so long.Once the numbers are finalised I might look a bit closer (and laugh a bit more) at their election performance now and in the past, if anyone is at all interested.

Captain Boycott edited Kit Coleman in August 2009, remained dormant for a year, then re-emerged with “previous wording implies that the views are universally held, which I don’t believe the case.”  Universal enough, I guess.

We’re galloping straight forward to the Massachusetts primary Day.  Rachel Brown versus Barney Frank.  The Big Mystery that surrounds the Rachel Brown for Congress Campaign is … whatever happened to the One Year Anniversary “Weenie Roast”?  It disappeared off the schedule before the day it would be held, and — even though it was mentioned on the website “wonkette.com”, increasing the chance of “Citizen’s Journalism” of blogging or flickr pointing a camera to bear witness — never showed up again.  Is it buried in one of the LPAC campaign reports?  Or do things like this come into the picture?

The Rachel Brown for Congress campaign asked selectmen to allow a political rally on the town green, but selectmen were hesitant to allow a political rally least it open the green up to other, less suitable, requests.

“There’s a big difference between letting the COA or the Boy Scouts use it and letting a political campaign use the green,” Selectman Kim Roy said. “It opens us up to all kinds of distasteful things.”
Chariman Troy Garron worried that saying no would open up the town to a First Amendment lawsuit, but hesitated to say yes because he agreed with Roy.

Other news from the Rachel Brown for Congress Campaign — she has challenged Barney Frank to a debate.   Eh. As we can see from Barney Frank’s not accepting a debate, he is “chicken” or “ducking” the debate.  And now here I turn to advising the Rachel Brown Campaign on campaign tactics.  Turn to the classic itemes of political theater, tied and true.  Have someone in a chicken costume and someone in a duck costume chasing after Barney Frank.
Damned it, I should bill them for Political Consultant fees.”
It should be noted that had Larouche been invited to any of the presidential debates, he would surely have won and gone on to become President.  Eight times.  In perpetuality.  As it were, we’re stuck with a hypothetical vice presidential slot:

I’d love to see a RP/LL successful ticket, but I don’t think Lyndon has recovered enough political clout yet.

The campaign, as always, continues:

Join the Rachel Brown campaign for classical concerts of a complete choral work by J.S. Bach (Jesu Meine Freude) and American Patriotic Songs. Let’s defeat that moral degenerate Barney Frank on Sept 14th, and bring beauty and optimism back into politics.

Point / Counterpoint!

This time around, Frank has a completely irrelevant primary challenger, Rachel Brown  whom he will utterly defeat.


Why wasn’t this titled
“One on One with Democrat Crazy Woman Rachel LaRouche Brown”
I’m confused,there is no thought forming opinion cleverly placed in this report.
Oh, you’re not a cheap,petty,hardcore ideologue,partisan hack liberal.
The two “one on one”s are synonymous?

We turn now to the Kesha Rogers for Congress camapgin.  Rogers has added “NASA” to the NAWAPA formulation, and is running with “NAWPA + NASA = VICTORY!”  Or, she should be.
Okay, nothing’s happening with her campaign.  Let’s turn to the Post Office Campaign.
Mound, Minnesota!

“That is what Hitler and Obama have in common, they believe in killing what they call the end of life years,” a woman seated by the poster told WCCO, before hurling epithets at the camera operator. “You are full of lies and treason. You are the reason we are at war, you are the reason we are bankrupt and the reason Obama is president,” the unidentified woman shouted.
See too!

When further questioned by WCCO-TV, the couple working the booth then called the police and became combative, yelling obscenities at the camera.
“You are full of lies and treason. You are the reason we are at war, you are the reason we are bankrupt and the reason Obama is president,” the unidentified woman shouted. […]
Nick Johnson, a college student from Mound, stopped by the booth to disagree. […]
Rick Lenkki of Mound, was passing by and refused to accept the literature.
“I don’t care for Obama either, but the Nazi symbolism is overblown, too far,” said Rick Lenkki.

And over the Rust-belt Tour!

Billington said the group been traveling all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey with their message. He said they go to post offices because it’s a “good place to talk to people.”

See too in the comments:

Sign the petition and get a free snack.

There’s chaos going on in Alaska, but I haven’t had a time to focus in on it.  Watch my comments for a linking and reporting.

On to the Summer Shields Campaign:
where he redefines his campaign as the NAWAPA candidate, and also a town hall meeting with Basement leader, Sky Shields. AND

In San Francisco, rallies with a 30-foot-by-8-foot banner (one might say it is also bigger than Texas!) are causing eyes to bug, tempers to flare, and excitement to flow. The head of an engineering department at a local campus said he wants to be part of an organizing committee for NAWAPA, and we are activating decades’ old LaRouche networks at the area’s scientific labs, who are enthused about NAWAPA.

Activing decades’ old Larouche networks, heretofore dormant?  Hot Diggety Dog!
You know, those people manning the post offices — and the Alaska protester who had a police scuffle?  They’re going to end up with as many voters as Summer Shields — and they’re not even on the ballot!
Wait.  I’ve got it!  This will surely dramatize the issues at stake in the Frank — Barney campaign!
So, we have the “Inner Alfpah Group” Duck — stick that placard over it to identify it.  The Chicken is the “Lower 90 Percent”.  The Hitler Mustache is attached to the end of a pogo stick, and under the mustache we have a giant picture of Barney Frank placed over the image of the planet Uranus.  The Inner Alpha Duck is hazing the Lower 90% Chicken.  When in walks the Larouchie Loon, who fends off and defeats the Inner Alpha Duck, rips apart the Frank Uranus Hitler Mustache Pogo Stick, and pushes into the picture — a forklift — marked “NAWAPA”!!!  So the Larouchie Loon then lifts up the Lower 90 Percent Chicken using the NAWAPA Fork-lift.
I don’t know about the Loon.  I just thought the whole “bird” theme should remain, since we already have the duck and chicken.  I suppose they still have a gorilla costume in storage, if you want to go with that.

Don’t discount Rachel Brown yet!

“You’re all talking about a Stevenson victory this second time around. Ah but there is one thing that can reelect Thompson. As you know, Lyndon Larouche has a field of candidates running in the Democratic party against Stevenson’s slate. If some of those candidates were to get through—particularly the candidate for lieutenant governor, Mark Fairchild—Stevenson would be in a terrible bind. He would have a choice of either running with a decided nut for lieutenant governor…someone who says that the Queen of England is engaged in a lesbian love affair with Golda Meir, the prime minister of Israel…or having to leave the Democratic party and run as a third party candidate which would surely cause him to lose to Thompson.”

We all sat transfixed at the theory but were highly skeptical.. Most of the supposedly alert media was reporting that Stevenson’s choice for lieutenant governor, State Rep. George Sangmeister of Frankfort was unopposed. He was a fine lawmaker and his name was well-known to Illinois Democrats. Similarly, Stevenson’s choice for secretary of state was Aurelia Pucinski, the daughter of Roman Pucinski a longtime congressman and alderman and a leader in the Polish community. We dismissed Phil’s analysis as fatuous.

Or, you know.  Do.

This is Gerald Pechenuk; I was the Campagign Manager for the LaRouche Democratic Candidates in the 1980′s and 1990′s.
Phil impressed me as a wise person in the times I heard him speak in various settings, so your report on his forecast of victories by LaRouche candidates certainly shows he had his ears to the ground, and detect a pulse that others, such as David Axelrod, Stevenson’s Campaign Manager at that time, could NOT “SEE,” or “HEAR!”
One irony to be noted in light of a recent trial of an impeached Governor.
Suppose, let’s just suppose for a minute, Adlai, who is still alive and kicking, could add to this picture, suppose Adlai had taken the advice of Sen. Alan Dixon, and Cook County Democratic Chairman Ed Vrodolyak and STAYED ON THE TICKET of the Democratic Party in 1986. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN ELECTED GOVERNOR!!!! (I know some would disagree with that, but I KNOW EXACTLY HOW HE WOULD HAVE ELECTED).
Then Jim Edgar, and George Ryan, and Rod Blagojevich WOULD NEVER HAVE BECOME Governors of Illinois!!!!
And, probably most consequential of all, Adlai Stevenson would have been the Democratic Nominee for US PRESIDENT in 1988 or 1992, and probably gone on to become PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!!

So, the threats that were delivered to Adlai to drop off, by Sen. Paul Simon, among others, (again Adlai could be asked to fill in more of the picture here) changed the course of US and World History.

I wonder if Phil Krone can ask a few people from his present vantage point about that!!!!
Or, if not president, Adlai Stevenson III would have become a laughingstock.

2 Responses to “I’ll give you some High Concept!”

  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    “This is Gerald Pechenuk; I was the Campagign Manager for the LaRouche Democratic Candidates in the 1980′s and 1990′s.”

    Is he kidding? He was THE campaign manager? Hardly. Maybe he “managed” the “campaign”in Illinois for awhile.

    Couldn’t have been too strenuous. There was never much of a “campaign,” especially since Lyn wouldn’t go out the front door to encounter voters, for fear of Cuban frogmen coming to assassinate him.

    Pechenuk may console himself in his declining years thinking what a world-historical role he played, but basically, I would just say, “Feh.”

  2. Justin Says:

    Okay, I promised to get back to the Alaska thing. I do so, in a state of boredom.
    The comments to these types of police or security altercations are rarely illuminating. Lots of polarization, and people shouting “Look at the Video! See? See?” I have, in different instances of watching these things, been both critical and sympathetic to different parties.

    I have no comment. There is, predictably enough, a “First they came for the –” spiel in the mass of comments here.

    I bump up a couple of “Know this guy” to the top, because it is, in the end, the most interesting thing to me.

    This man did the same thing at the Palmer Colonist’s Parade – he promoted himself Grand Marshall and proceeded to parade without getting the required permit. He has been arrested for parking illegally on the Glen Hiway. This man has a total disrespect of the Law and other peoples Personal Property rights. If he wants to exercise his “Freedom of Speech”, he can do so within the boundaries of the Law and rent a booth like all the other Law Abiding Citizens. The State Troopers were Protecting and Serving the Owners of the Alaska State Fair, Inc’s Private Property.
    If this man entered my house with an unannounced concealed weapon and started espouse an unsolicited Political agenda, and if I asked him to stop or leave, I would have him likewise arrested. And if he resisted, I would expect the Police who were upholding the Law to subdue him with whatever means were necessary.
    This man is a criminal and it is disgusting that anyone would tarnish the efforts of our brave Veteran’s by trying to make a Free Speech Martyr out of someone who has such a blatant disregard for the Law.
    I live in this town, i see this man on a daily basis. first, the Alaska State Fair is private land and therefore has a right to enforce any rules. second, political protesters are welcome to the fair, in fact just down the foot path from this incident is an anti abortion booth, but you must pay for a booth. this man was also carrying a 9mm pistol and has a record of threatening people. this man is absolutely crazy. i am glad to that the troopers stepped in.
    “Wild Bill” is his nickname, apparently. Locally known eccentric. Aren’t they all in that state?
    Phipps defended the use of force seen in the clip.
    “The initial attempt was to educate him and let him know what the rules were, and he became belligerent. They felt that they were assaulted … and then responded to that.”

    In my opinion, this ole codger wasn’t hurting anyone, and he had no intent on hurting anyone. I really think the security guys really crossed the line. Fair policies have an “un-written policy” well thats pretty weak.
    I really have to agree with Ak-Physican & sqp64. This whole incident really leaves a bad taste in my mouth and it stinks. The alleged gun must of been a non-issue. Probably as they say a “Red Herring”. You have got to respect Mr. Hill’s passion. He believes in what he is doing.
    Not too many years ago, I remember Wild Bill in the valley. I personally knew the man, before, during, and after his cause. I had a lot of respect for his cause, and I understood his passion behind it. Wild Bill sure had his reasons for his cause.
    I hope these security goons didn’t hurt this guy. Watching the video, speaks for itself. It doesn’t lie.
    As a regular fair participant for years, my family will not be going again until this man is given a well deserved apology.

    OK, the theater students involved here get an A+


    Freedom of Speech does not say you have to Rent a booth! You either know the law or you don’t, you obviously do not. The Fair may be on private property, but it is a Public vendor. Therefore must abide by Federal Freedom of Speech Laws. Whether it is a T-shirt of a banner, it’s still Protected by Freedom of Speech. Just because you don’t agree with what he has to say, does not give you the Right to trump his Rights.

    [nothing like all caps to get people to take your point seriously.]


    Good. I hate Larouchies.

    [Interesting place to place the video. Is this deployment to a particular right wing source?]


    “Obama’s Thug State Begins in Alaska”

    I thought it was Bush’s Thug State…
    Note in the sidebar: Dump Barney: Vote Earl Sholley.

    While I don’t sympathize much with the LaRouche bunch [they’re your basic garden-variety American Communist Party], they do have a right to speak and to peacefully assemble and protest.


    If this were public property with “public access,” as the man in the video repeatedly shouts, then perhaps he would have a case. It’s not, so he doesn’t. The Alaska State Fair, despite having a public-sounding name, is managed by Alaska State Fair, Inc., a private, non-profit corporation. A significant part of its funding comes from private sponsors, who are given advertising space and booths. That’s why the “advertising clause” in the video is so important. As LarouchePAC is not a sponsor of this private, admission-controlled event, they do not have the right to advertise on the premises. Intentionally or not, the man in the video is in violation of the Fair’s conduct policy. Instead of listening to the security officers, he becomes belligerent and shouts at them.


    I’m all for arresting people who are too crazy to tone it down a notch when talking to cops. He’s throwing a temper tantrum.

    That was fucking disgusting! I cant believe that not one person came to his aid. Someone should have kicked that obese fucking piece of shit rent a cop in the face. And the off duty pig who comes running out shouting” STATE TROOPERS, STATE TROOPERS/!!!” Like there were more than one of them there. FUCK OFF You fucking Power tripping, Fucking nobodys. A man has his rights.

    yeah, good luck with that one.

    Here’s more partisan wrangling of the “Agent Provacauter” threat:

    Yet another unintentional agent provocateur. No doubt, the media will report this as, “tea party member arrested at state fair.” I can’t disagree with his sign though, Obama could do with a good impeachment. This Larouche supporter must have forgot that he is now in Obama’s statist regime which is not unlike a Islamic theocracy; meaning–no free speech for you!

    There’s a really good “Oath Keepers” article posted on, “American Thinker-today, everyone should get a look at.
    I mailed it to myself, and will be mailing a copy of it tomorrow to our newly appointed chief of police here.
    It’s time all elected officials, police, sheriffs and their duputies… anyone that must take the oath to serve and protect the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic to hold the job they have, to retake that oath in a public forum.
    These guys are so far out of line-here, it’s sickening. I hope that old guy has his hand in their pockets the rest of their lives.

    Finally, the Alex Jones Sphere of Influence!

    Sane907 Says:
    August 27th, 2010 at 6:37 pm
    Wow, these comments posted by many makes me wonder how many of you are actually NORMAL. Your comments would be fodder for any student studying psychology, even mental health counselors. I myself find many of them quite amusing, albeit some of you are scary. Makes me wonder if this is a site for felons on probation, their friends and families, or if you are a cast member that played the bad guys for the movie “DELIVERANCE”. I did not look at this video, but many of us recognize that guy on the ground is a MENTAL Health patient and he has scared many of our women folk out here. As far as my understandings of our laws go, we folks that show up at the fair are guests and that management has the right to ask someone to leave.

    Evilsun Reply:
    August 27th, 2010 at 7:06 pm
    Gov Troll.

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