Bob Dole is on Fire.

Newsmax aims its vitrol at Bob Dole:
The statement came the same day Washington Examiner columnist Timothy P. Carney revealed that former senator and Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole contributed $1,000 to Crist’s Senate campaign against GOP nominee Marco Rubio. Carney provided the Federal Election Commission record documenting Dole’s cash donation.

Bob Dole is busting out all over!

Chuck Hagel is endorsing Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania.  This will surely galvanize the Nebraskans who live in Pennsylvania around Sestak, a crucial swing vote in the state.  It is telling that the coverage on Hagel’e endorsement runs to the “what is he trying to purchase” route — a job in the Obama Pentagon? — as opposed to something about favoring Sestak.

Meantime, the culture war was declared dead a few months ago by Mitch Daniels, if I recall.  Oddly, a hub-ub over a mosque in New York City.  Another one in Kentucky, somewhere quite far from “Ground Zero”.  I grow weary.  Either we’re making distinctions about Islam in the “War on Terror”, or we’re not.  EitherEither

Actually that last link posits an interesting point.  We’ve two Republican “star” Indians — soon to be Governor Haley, and Governor Jindal.  Bobby Jindal proved his converted Christian bonafides — though by way of Catholicism, in Catholic state of Louisiana — by performing an exorcism.  Haley had to do this.

So we have Jeff Merkley, Senator of Oregon.  We have Al Franken, Senator of Minnesota.  Neither are Reid, Schumer, or Durbin — the Democratic Leaders in the Senate — both kind of marginally deigned by our political conventional wisdom.

Today’s Primary day.  I’ll be closely watching the meaningless Republican run-off in Oklahoma to decide who loses to Representative Boren in November.

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