JournoList! Dyno-Myte!

As I’ve posted here before, particularly during its existence hub-ub over “Journolist” came across like the “Imagined conversation by Children of the Grown Up Table” — etc..

I notice at the moment various members of Journolist coming forward with this line, cue Scott McLemee:

An awful lot of this was gossip about the internal politics of various publications. Also, sports.

It’s mighty interesting that that’s what just about EVERYBODY on the list is saying.  The monolithic statement is “a likely story”.  It’s as though the line has been formed and is coming down from on high.  They keep coming back to “Sports’.  Oh, yeah — Sports… that’s what we ended up talking about. It’s … it’s… like a bar.
Sure they were, and sure it is.

Since the uncovering of Dave Weigel calling Matt Drudge a name, other things have come out.  A “line” about Jeremiah Wright was created — it was decided by the lot of them that the topic was unimportant, and they endevored to use their various spots of influence in opinion articles to convince the public of this opinion.

I’ve been interested in seeing this phenomenom at the Washington Post website for the Journolist Ring-leader (Kingpin), Ezra Klein.  Very quickly in the comments section of each post, someone chimes in and Shouts “So… Journolist, eh?”

More blather from jourolist…
Is the waPo trying to lower their credibility?
It’s working.

Medical math wisdom from the journolist.
Every day the WaPo continues to publish this garbage, the credibility of the entire paper decreases.

Sorry Ezra, you and your fellow journ-o-lists have had your heyday. In 98 days the left-wing dingbat fantasy of complete control will come to a screeching halt. I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. It will take decades to undo the damage of the Obama administration.

Ezra Clown: JourNihilist.

What’s happening with this Charles Rangel thing? And this JournoList thing?
Charles Rangel and JournoList — is there any connection between the two? Did any JournoList member profit from the “liberal experience” they shared?

My favorites tend toward the:
Wow, Ezra, it sure is heavy lifting selling your “progressive” agenda without the oordinated assistance of your fellow travelers, isn’t it?
Don’t worry, I’m certain that, in the vacuum that exists where your journalistic integrity once was, some new (possibly Soros-funded)malignancy will soon form as you and your like-minded cohorts desperately try to give form to the tissue of lies you’ve been pushing all along.
The only highlight is that, now, EVERY cause to which you attach your name will be unavoidably tainted with the stain of your demonstrated disregard for the facts and malicious campaigns of lies.
Good luck with that, Ezra.

And some link to Brent Bozell, with a “You need to Resign” — I can’t find that one right now.

It’s subsided somewhat.  I suppose this will eventually fade away as a focus for commenting trolls at Ezra Klein’s site, everybody has strange hobbies.

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