Alabama for the Win.

Alabama is Alabama.  The wacked out Theatrical political stars of the provocative political ads circulating about youtube, for mockery by parts of the national electorate and I suppose accepted as god’s message by their local constituency, are teaming up for Fun and Merriment.  The Intense guy barking out about his stolen lawn signs makes an appearance after 2 and a half minutes of the Re-enactment Guy‘s latest —

— getting some mileage for Abe Lincoln answering “Slavery” to something other than what these images portray.

I note that when I search the name of this Alabama Congressional candidate Critter in google, this pops out at me.

Okay, Rick Barber, freak.  Here’s what I want you to do.  For your next ad, I want you to conjure up a few less obvious Presidents.  (Granted, in the Mount Rushmore Mafia, you can’t bring out Theodore Roosevelt.)  I want you to bark about “gathering  your armies” with a conversation with three of the following four presidents:  Chester A Arthur, Gerald Ford, Grover Cleveland, and Martin Van Buren.  Let’s get the show on the road!

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