Perhaps you saw this bit Jon Stewart did on Wednesday.  “Fool me twice, Shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me 8 times — am I a F#ing Idiot?”  And ba-de-dumb, ba-de-boom — So, what’s that about other sources of energy and moving off our addiction to forieng oil or Oil in general?


There is one thing about the clip that needs to be noted, though.  The clip for Ronald Reagan came from the year 1981, paying homage to the concept even as he was removing the Solar Panels from the White House, even as James Watt was appointed to the Interior.  The clip for Bill Clinton came in 2000, Bill Clinton sliding out the door and leaving a maker for the historical record, “Eight long years, did some things, dealt with a hostile Congress, and as for thing I didn’t deal with — oh, I was aware.”  George Herbert Walker Bush’s clip slides easily toward “Oil Exploration”.  In the great panoply of eight presidents, we have a two decade hole — and really, W always seemed to fill his State of the Union messages with free floating domestic concepts he never had any interest in grabbing to the ground — though, I suppose that makes W (as we would expect) the most glaring example of the premise.

Unless we go the nature of Multi-National Corporate marketing, the premise of “Sell the Sizzle, not the Steak” moving into hyperdrive to “Selling Concepts” — grounded or not in the reality.  Create a logo that has a premise behind it and communicates a message.


There is something I want to see tackled.  I keep hearing politicians from various states wander on and off the stage making pronouncements about moving forward to a post-oil economy.  Sometimes making it clear that their product is “a short term fix”, other times an answer.  “And the greatest source for Wind resides right in my home state of” — Fill in the Blank.  I suspect we’ll know we’ve arrived somewhere when a plurality of people, and not just a fringe, jump “off the grid”, or something in a 1979 book  with a mere residual out in the state of Maine — and this becomes something other than a sales gimmick  stashed in a college town enclave — AND when some politician from, say, the state of Montana comes out and states that what we need is investment in — whatever, and the Greatest source of whatever in the world resides in Connecticut.”
… Lest we suffer the T Boone Pickens Effect.

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