Sharron Angle hates her media appearance

Wait.  What?
Sharron Angle is the most radical major-party candidate to seek statewide office since David Duke was the Republican nominee for governor in Louisiana in 1991.
This may or may not be true.  It sure is jarring, at any rate.  Whatever I think of her politics in the aggregate, somehow I just can’t quite squash these politics into a one dimensional line, to place Sharron Angle’s Prohibitionism on a continuum with David Duke’s Institutional Racism.

If you want me to dredge forth a Senator or Senate candidate with some similar third party pedigree, I can quite easily point to Senator Bernie Sanders in Vermont.  And I can also state that between the time he ran against Patrick Leahy to the tune of a mere few percentage points to the time he joined Patrick Leahy in the Halls of the Senate, his Party brethern — Pete Diamondstone — had found him lacking and ran against him… to the tune of .2 percent of the vote.

The oddest thing is the stories permeating into broader media about Sharron Angle.  This week, the Oregonian ran an AP (or similar wire service) story about Sharron Angle on what just might be the most banal item in her background.  In the year 1984, it seems, right there as Ronald Reagan was cruising to a 49 state victory, Sharron Angle changed her voters’ registration from Republican to Democrat.  Odd?  Perhaps.  Interesting?  Not really.  When she comes out of hiding, sometime after her current intensive coaching sessions at the NRSC with John Cornyn fine-tuning her down to the proper talking points, when she finally gets out of the media world she is inhabiting where she can find use for Thomas Jefferson — the same use as Congressional candidates in Alabama have for other Founding Fathers, I suppose — people to commiserate about with in their minds on armed insurrection — when she peaks into broader media for an interview, I don’t want a question wasted on that topic.

We do have this appearance to go on.  She don’t much like.

In light of recent Republican Party ramblings for the party factions to call a “truce” on Social issues — everyone’s distrustful about that one — maybe we can leave aside the social issues of the legalization of Alcohol or whether two parents should be working while raising a child and just stick to whether she agrees with Representative Burton.

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