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For the poe-news message board’s news story on BP buying up Search Engine Search phrases…

This picture is not from the Gulf of Mexico (those are korean workers).

Out of the first 6 pictures, only one has anything to do with the BP oil disaster (a sad oil soaked bird, from a website that never mentions BP or Gulf of Mexico), 3 are of people cleaning the mess, saving the world, getting things back to normal, and one is a cute cartoon of a sad seal.
I’m glad at least this one keeps coming up when you look for BP in google images

The Seal is mis-reported, it’s actually an otter.

This leads to a weird conundrum, though.

In its emergency plans in the event of an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP made clear it knows how to save “seals, sea otters, and walruses” in the Gulf waters. The only problem is, no such animals live in the Gulf.

Indeed, it appears BP literally copied and pasted emergency response plans to apply to any spill in the world, regardless of the reality of the local ecosystems. While “seals, sea otters, and walruses” are a concern for oil spills in colder waters, there are none of those animals in the Gulf.

Homeland Security Wire noticed the errors after a report from USA Today highlighted other aspects of BP’s total lack of preparation in the event of a disaster as catastrophic as that in the Gulf.

BP’s 582-page emergency-response never anticipated an oil spill as large as the one now gushing on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico; a closer reading shows the document was not much than a boilerplate, cut-and-paste job used by BP from region to region; in a section titled “Sensitive Biological & Human-Use Resources,” the emergency plan lists “seals, sea otters and walruses” as animals that could be impacted by a Gulf of Mexico spill — even though no such animals live in the Gulf; the plan was approved in July by the federal Minerals Management Service (MMS), a toothless agency accused by lawmakers of being in the pocket of the oil industry.

Anyway… I suggest typing in various animals of sea animals, whether indigenous to the Gulf of Mexico, with or without “BP”, and see what shows up — if BP swallowed up various animal searches in their mad purchase.

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