Effects of the Great Recession: Separation of Church and State erodes in our schools

… for that matter, the Separation of Corporation and Education fades — but that happened during Good Times as well.¬† Take it away.

When his budget for pencils, paper, and other essential supplies was cut by a third this school year, the principal of Combee Elementary School worried children would suffer.

Then, a local church stepped in and “adopted” the school. The First Baptist Church at the Mall stocked a resource room with $5,000 worth of supplies. It now caters spaghetti dinners at evening school events, buys sneakers for poor students, and sends in math and English tutors.

The principal is delighted. So are church pastors. “We have inroads into public schools that we had not had before,” says Pastor Dave McClamma. “By befriending the students, we have the opportunity to visit homes to talk to parents about Jesus Christ.”

What is interesting is that the “Religious Right” — or elements thereof — tended to take a stand against some corporate slidings into public schools’ space and curriculum — and so this paragraph about Oklahoma’s Legislature (recently making a lot of hard-headed Abortion policies) is interesting.

The dash for private funding has raised concerns. The Oklahoma Senate last month voted down a bill that would have allowed advertising on school buses, a move supporters said would prevent teacher layoffs. “Do we want our school buses to look like Dale Jr. (NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr.) is driving them?” says state Sen. Steve Russell, an Oklahoma City Republican who opposed the bill. “What’s next? How about Starbucks on the side of our M1 tanks?”

It just might be a cause of who gets the soul of your children¬† — read one way, that’s what that article amounts to…

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