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There are two stories circulating in the national media from out of the city of Portland.  One is a sad case that everyone hopes turns out well.  The other story mostly bores the Hell out of me.

Missing seven year old child.  Seen in various photographs in front of his science fair project.  Dropped off at school.  Never appeared again.  What is there to say?  I hope for the best — though for the life of me I can’t think of what that would be — and expect something less than the best, though hope it’s not the worst — which I don’t want to think about.  Have you seen that child?  If you have — you know where to turn.

Go to the comments section of the story above and you see the useless speculation firing out … uselessly.

I have a horrible feeling that he is somewhere on the campus, hidden from sight. Secret areas of the school a janitor might know about? Another thought that keeps popping into my mind has to do with the child’s science fair project. He was presenting on a tree frog. Is it possible that he took off to a nearby creek to try and find this “frog” to show along with his project? I realize that the science fair had already taken place, but generally the kids turn their project into their teachers after the science faire, to present before the class. Maybe he has tragically fallen into water somewhere? I have a 7 year old son in 2nd grade, that’s why this hits so close to home for me. :(

Well, I guess I now do have the answer to what my hard to come up with “Best Case Scenario” would be.  Safely in a closet.  More armchair unhelpful commentary on the state of the mother’s marriage  relationship comes through in the comments here.

Also available, right now on the front page … well, there’s that worst case scenario I guess.

The other news story that is making the national rounds… Anarchist Coffee House kicks out Police Officer customer.

… Wait.  The comments to this section get downright hilarious.

He just lost my business.

Surely you jest?

Does anyone the URL for this dumb bitch’s blog… I hope it has a comment section open when I find it!!!!!!


Hm.  Here’s a Stupid Local Radio Host Stunt, which is just as well — but:

The Red and Black, according to this morning’s Zero, has had a record amount of business since the cop was asked to leave a few days ago. That is all well and good and the Red and Black owner should enjoy his new-found notoriety while he can. This will turn out to be just a flash-in-the-pan. I will not be at all surprised if the joint is out of business by the end of the year, or at least by this time next year, and the resident anarchists, enviro-wackos, cop-haters, and the other various and sundry neer-do-wells that infest the place will have to find another rock to crawl under.

Supposing for a minute we consider its existence dates back from before this time last year — I guess it’s been operating there since two years before this post —   

Hm.  Armed services veteran and Beaverton waste services business owner P.J. Mulcahy came to the cafe and press conference today as well. He wore his veteran’s jacket and seemed to be there to see whether he would be thrown out.   When asked about his guide to political confrontations, he evoked Saul Alinksy, I suppose.
Hey!  A wacky Facebook group.  It evokes the name of Emma Goldman!  And here I thought I would be bored looking at this story.

Regrettably, this page has found itself to an orgy of links to things about the incident, when just a short while ago it only served to let everyone know some background on all the symbolism associated with the Red and Black Cafe — surely getting to the root of Comintern and exposing the International Communist Conspiracy.

For the record, as we watch the youtube video from the Oregon Tea Party person — no, they too hate Obama.  The insinuation at the 1:21 mark is a sign of ignorance to your Anarchist Bretherns.  I will bet dollars to donuts that the woman who blogged about the incident — and thus started this unwarranted bout of publicity to the store and to the police — voted for Obama, though.

Okay.  I’m bored with that story again.  Nothing much to see there.  Flip back to the start of this blog — the Missing Child — Hope he is found safely — don’t all that much care about the fate of the coffee space one way or the other.

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