Damon Dunn is counting on his biography to win against Orly Taitz.

I, of course, will be watching the California election result to read the tea-leaves on which direction the War with the British Empire is going — off the heels of Kesha Roger’s victory in March, a Summer Shields win over Nancy Pelosi will be an unmistakeable sign that the British are just about down for the count, whereas Pelosi winning mean the final consolidation of the British forces.

Okay.  The truth is that primary contest is being lost in the shuffle as people look over the California Primary Contests.  The race that has everyone abuzz is, naturally, the one for Secretary of State — a race where there is no clear favorite and which pits some guy who is not campaigning very aggressively against

“It’d be a disaster for the Republican party,” says James Lacy, a conservative GOP operative in the state. “Can you imagine if [gubernatorial candidate] Meg Whitman and [candidate for Lt. Gov.] Abel Maldonado — both of whom might have a chance to win in November — had to run with Orly Taitz as secretary of state, who would make her cockamamie issues about Obama’s birth certificate problems at the forefront of her activities?”

“There is no Republican candidate for statewide office that would be willing to have her campaign with them,” says Adam Probolsky, a spokesman for the Orange County Republican Party.

But longtime California GOP strategist Allan Hoffenblum, who publishes the California Target Book, says a Taitz victory is entirely possible. “It will be a complete embarrassment if she wins, but these things can happen,” he said. […]

Taitz is running against Damon Dunn, an African-American former professional football player. As with Obama, she’s turned to lawsuits to challenge him, arguing that Dunn’s brief time as a registered Democrat in Florida — from his playing days with the Jacksonville Jaguars — disqualifies him from the California ballot and amounts to fraud. 

“Our country will turn into a banana republican until we disclose information that is related to voter fraud,” she told POLITICO.

Dunn says he’s relying on his own biography and endorsements from a variety of mainstream GOP organizations to carry him through June. “I’m not running a primary campaign against Orly Taitz,” Dunn says. “I’m just going to take the high road.”

Not everyone is convinced it’s going to work.

“Dunn has not done enough,” Lacy said. 

“For professional Republicans right now, the main tactic in regards to Orly Taitz is prayer,” said Jack Pitney, a political science professor at Claremont McKenna College and a longtime observer of California politics.

Well, it’s all over but the praying for both sides — the Republicans who don’t want to be embarrassed, and the Demcorats who want the Republicans to be embarrassed.  I have to ask Orly Taitz’s primary opponent — former Jacksonville Jaguar Damon Dunn — how he can say he’s relying on his “Biography” — which, I guess means — fond memories of his 1 yard touchdown run in the 1996 Sun Bowl?  I’m sure everyone recalls his stellar play for the Los Angeles Xtreme during his XFL days.  (Wikipedia does not consider the man notable, apparently.  Did Orly Taitz delete the entry?)

The “National Writers Syndicate” has endorsed Orly Taitz.  The Daily Californian has endorsed Damon Dunn.

I will go with the “It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out” blandishment.   I wonder if this blog post dampens the Orly Taitz cause by throwing in a bit of awareness to the race, which hinges on an “awareness”.

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