Panderers for Governor.

Open this week’s — Millawette Meek — to the inside front cover, and you will see that the Gubernatorial candidate Ames Curtright has purchased prime real estate placement to inch some headway against Republican favorites Allen Alley and Chris Dudley.  Answering the questions of whether you agree with Curtright on him being the only candidate to take up the fight against Obama-Care and the only candidate to support the Tea Party, and on to touting his “pro-life” credentials and to Taxes — I am struck by the answer that not many Millawette Meek readers would answer “yes”.

No.  Really.  Why is he advertising in this publication?  Is this a toss of money after being invited to the Endorsement interview?

Skip to the endorsement of Alley — I knew that would be their choice — and we learn that he’s “pro-environment” somehow or other.  Maybe he touted it specifically in the interview.  I suppose he might have tried inserting it in his advertisement.  I suppose this advertisement was a toss after being given an invitation to the interview.

Looking through everything, I think I will have to favor Chris Dudley for the Republican nomination.  This is for the simple fact that he apparently snubbed the mildly deplorable “Candidates Gone Wild”. Though I admit to being intrigued by “DEQ employee who felt compelled to mention his 35 years of pot use.”  That probably shows something about that particularly candidate’s thought on his basis of pandering.

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