Mayoral Recall creates small number of make work jobs

The “Recall Sam Adams” Recall is in full force today.  I’ve seen a few people with clip-boards and the question about Recalling Sam Adams. 

My opinion on the first Repeal went along the lines of “Tepidly, yes”.  Or, I’m not going to wring my hand and believe we’ve reached a nadir of local political intregity if it does not succeed. 

My thought on the second Recall is that we see a slippery slope toward a weird “Permanent Recall” culture.  Imagine a massive well-moneyed organism parking themselves in as a permanent political fixture, running one unsuccessful recall after another toward a mediocre mayor.  We’ve only got to come to the end of this second Recall effort to seemingly just wait for the brief legal lag time respite into the crazy third Recall Effort.  I suppose if my initial opinion for a Recall were stronger, then the threat of this “Permanent Recall Culture” would fade from view.

Actually, I have an additional thought on this second Recall.

With less than three weeks to go and fewer than half the needed signatures, the struggling campaign to recall Portland Mayor Sam Adams rallied Thursday at City Hall for petitions and donations.

The recall campaign has until April 20 to submit 32,183 valid signatures from Portland residents. Chief petitioner Avel Gordly said the campaign has “well over” 10,000 signatures. Chief organizer Teresa McGuire put the number between 12,000 and 15,000.

“It’s going to be tough, but we can get there,” Gordly said. “We still have time to get there.”

The first recall attempt failed in October, dogged by lack of money and professional help.

This second effort, launched in January, was supposed to have a bevy of financial backers who could pay for professional signature gatherers.

For the most part, that hasn’t happened, although Columbia Sportswear CEO Tim Boyle has given $17,500 to the overall $44,000 raised. That has allowed the campaign to hire workers from a temp agency.

It appears to be doing good work in that regard.  It’s putting people to work — some quick money that’d tide from one corner to the next.  I suppose it’s “make work” — irrelevant in what it’ll end up producing — but maybe when this third Recall comes along, even if you’re more fatigued by the idea of recalling Sam Adams — and you’re hurting for money —

— Hell!  Sign up right now!

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