Felly Gleen

There is this gift store downtown.  The past administration saw it sell a lot of anti-Bush crap.  By the time we got to the to the last election, a lot of pro-Obama stuff was pushed in — including a Baby shirt with some ramification of the word “Change” collided with the kid’s diaper.  Place it next to the grown up shirt about “Only Good Bush” with an allusion to a part of a woman’s body.

The merchandise sold makes me espect that something like this shirt my brother spotted when perhaps searching for something to clothe his son in.  They are for the parents’ amusement, not the child’s.  In the past few months, a baby shirt has appeared in the window, “Living Proof that Geeks Procreate.”  All right.   But apparently this shirt comes in adult sizes.  I can’t picture why an adult would want to charge their parents as a Geek, or a teenager would want to advertise their parents as geeks — this market exists?  The thing is, though, they have this shirt over the cardboard cutout of Barack Obama.

Lots of things have been said about Obama.  I can’t recall too may things levelled at either Obama’s parents — perhaps something is implied with his Kenyan father.  But I have never heard any of Obama’s parents rolled into the category “geek”.

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