Young Americans for Freedom, “Our women are hot.  We have Michelle Malkin. Who does the left have, Rachel Maddow?”  Wait.  What?

Zelaya returns to Honduras

How to solve the problems of Rural Americans, or at least revel in urban commenters‘ bemusement.

The Bill Clinton Tapes
All of our presidents taped their conversations

I Fell for a Commie

Teacher repriminded for inappropriate essay question

Two directions the 2010 election might go.  Incumbents thrown out versus Democrats thrown out.

Newsbuster on the Case!  David Letterman reveals some pro-Obama compliment in his courteous interview with Barack Obama and continues making Bush jokes.  HORRORS!

Part two of this series on Glenn Beck’s rise to fame is more interesting for it lay out of the changing setting than for Beck himself.  Yep.  Radio sucks just as much as you remember it.

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