Not only did he give birth to SDI, he created the “Uranus Joke”???

Your Dick Armey, representating Freedom Works — an organizer for those there Disrupting tactic protesters, has an interest in assigning all mentions of Obama = Hitler to the Larouche org.  Rush Limbaugh has an interest in telling a “Barney Frank Fag” joke, as well keeping his perogative in pronouncing Obama as Hitler.  I haven’t looked into Sean Hannity so don’t quote me on this, but he appears to be brushing the Larouchie into his band of merry agitators — Barney Frank stomped on her, dagnabit. (Live by the Sword, die the sword?)  Here we see Bill O’Reilly make an attempt to hedge his “Merry Band of Agitators” with a disclamer that the first person there was not real and instead a  “political activist“.  (Er.  Bill.  They’re all “political activists”, as much as you define that as a slur.  Actually the problem here is that his point could have and would have been served better by not mentioning her.  Later in the program O’Reilly chats with Dennis Miller, an interesting conversation I’ll post in the comments, and floats another item of dishonesty by calling the Larouchie a “plant”.)  But wait.  Hold on a Minute!

Every network and most cable stations played the confrontation between Rachel Brown and Barney Frank in their prime time programs, mostly featuring Buffoon Barney’s question about “what planet are you from?” as if it showed he was tough, standing up to the “crazies,” even though most left out Rachel’s LaRouche connection. Most revealing is that both Rush Limbaugh and Jon Stewart, both the right and the left, showed the video of the confrontation, made clear that this was LaRouche vs. Barney, and then suggested that the proper response to Barney would be to note that he was from Uranus – adding another of Lyn’s jokes to popular culture, along with the now famous moustache. It is unlikely that Barney will bring up other planets again.

I didn’t catch that oen with the Jon Stewart clip.  Maybe I’ll have to go back and watch it a third time.  He’s almost certainly told the Uranus joke in the past, oh so ironically juxtaposed next to something more high-minded, for instance.  (Post-script: He meant Stephen Colbert, probably.  Interestingly there, Stephen Colbert has used the visual “Hitler Mustache” image as a running joke.  Witness the “Hitler Mustache” on the old man here for another good visual gag.).  In the anals of the Larouche cult, Larouche is responsible for oh so many things.  SDI, for instance.  SDI and apparently the Uranus joke.  SDI, according to wikipedia (always right, except when it’s wrong, and as always watch this space)  was fathered by Daniel O. Graham, Peter L. Hagelstein, and others.  The Uranus joke I had always thought was authored by this kid I knew back in Kidnergarten — name of Alex.  Now I know better.  The LYM / LPAC film team should get right on that historical docu-drama.  Get me Robert Beltran for narration!

Anyway.  Rachel Brown.  Who’s she?  She is the young “volunteer” of the Larouche organization who Barney Frank shot down.  That is surely enought to catupult her to the top of the pecking order in terms of future Larouchie presidential contender, right?  Do you know who Lane Hudson is?  He is the man who shouted out a question about DADT and DOMA during a Bill Clinton speech a week ago.  Let’s compare blog results for these two names using blogpulse.  (Finally able to upload these things.)

Another way of working this might be to chart “Barney Frank”, “Larouche”, and “Rachel Brown”.

Hm.  “Rachel Brown” and “Larouche”.  Wow.  Who’s getting the fuzzy end of the lollypop here?  Of course, she may be better of off not identified.  Prsumably she’ll have to put this in her past post cult life, and as David P Goldman “Spengler” discovered recently, artful lying is in order — the more traces there are, the harder it is to minimize.

Mike Malloy (mentioned in my last post) brought up the Barney Frank questioning at the beginning of his radio show Wednesday night.  He did not mention Larouche, which was interesting because (as I posted) he relayed a scene with a deployment the night before.  He said (roughly) “When I see an expression like that, I know that one of two things is happening between her ears.  It has either been emptied, or it has been filled with snakes.”

The Larouche org will take the non – mentions as a sign of a media and Elite conspiracy, and play it up to their organization.  First sign of that was this taking on a stray Huffington Post mention arguing that the media was giving too much attention to “crazies”, that they shouldn’t be given any more attention than Larouche.  They may even be ready to slam a supposed victory at Conor Clarke with his admission that he has no interest in looking into this further.  (Amusingly enough, the Larouche organization rather clumsily slammed a puff piece he wrote for the New Republic — I read that to be somewhat in lieu of any reaction to a more substantial piece Avi Klein was working on for the Washington Monthly.  Not that I can criticize Clarke much for delving into an asterisk and footnote of American politics.)

Heh heh.  He said “Uranus”.  Heh heh.

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  1. Justin Says:

    O’REILLY: We’re glad.

    Here now with some thoughts, radio talk show star Dennis Miller.

    Now Barney, that was a feisty, feisty meeting. A couple of plants in there, a couple of LaRouche people giving him a hard time and stuff like that. What do you say?

    DENNIS MILLER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, you talk about let them eat cake. Barney Frank makes Marie Antoinette look like a storefront lawyer doing pro bono work. That look on his face reads the ingrates are running the asylum. And he does not dig it.

    I have to say, though, the people have got to stop showing up on both sides of these things with Hitler’s sides. Unless somebody has actively croaked six million of their fellow human beings, we’ve got to stop throwing this Hitler thing around. It’s a bad discard. So when he lit that woman up and said it was like talking to a dining room table, I’ve got to admit, I kind of laughed.

    Here’s my theory on Barney. I think Barney has to feel intellectually superior to people because there’s more primal limbic self has kind of mortified him over the years. I mean, he finally becomes a U.S.

    congressman. He falls for the, you know, Brawny paper towel kid. He’s working a male prostitution ring out of his apartment with Barney’s franking privilege. I guess he’s a little mortified by that.

    So when he goes out with the hoi polloi like this, I think he likes to feel intellectually a little superior. And I’ll tell you what. He’s sort of good at it. It made me laugh. It’s sort of like Frederick Meacham meets Liberace.

  2. Justin Says:
    I confess I have not read the proposed plan in its entirety—I have classes to research and prep—but I am fairly confident the new plan is not an “exact” copy of Hitler’s secret memo, nor is it the same policy as this young woman maintains.
    But it wasn’t all fun and games for the Obama spokesman. Pressed on the analogies between Obama and Hitler that conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh made during Thursday’s program, Gibbs’ voice turned stern.
    “LPAC” is in 11th place in total expenditures? Well, keep the legal expenses handy, I guess.
    This earned the shouters no love from the hometown crowd. I turned around many times to the LaRouchies near me, and said, “I live in this district and I’m trying to listen. PLEASE be quiet. I can’t hear the speakers.” Not one ever challenged me by saying, “I live here too and I have the right to boo and hiss.” NOT. ONE.
    (No regrets from plastering the LaRouche people with “Health Care Reform Now” stickers. It took them a while to notice but then again it’s hard to look at your own back. ;))

  3. Justin Says:
    Traditional Values Says:

    August 26, 2009 at 12:36 pm | Reply
    Who cares of what foreigners think or say? Mr LaRouche is a true patriot in exposing the usurper and organizing against him.

    Conservative WARRIOR Says:

    August 26, 2009 at 12:37 pm | Reply
    Political correctness is the colon cancer of America.

    T-Mark Says:

    August 26, 2009 at 1:12 pm | Reply
    What a joke you pinkos are. The faster we get rid of you by any means the better.

    Czar obie Says:

    August 26, 2009 at 2:05 pm | Reply
    You and other commie libs are upset because your PLANTED and BUSSED IN ASTROTURF union thugs and Acorn rent-a-mobs didn’t make a dent in AUTHENTIC, GRASSROOTS PROTESTS. You libs are all wee-weeed up, like your boy leader.

    The answers to James Fallows’s questions are:

    No, it will never end–at least not until the New York Times’s presses are sold off for scrap.
    Yes, Jim Rutenberg believes that it would be “unethical” for him to present the story in a way that even hints that the McCaughey-Bachman-Palin-LaRouche team are dangerous lyng clowns.
    Yes, the New York Times is giving McCaughey, Bachman, Palin, and LaRouche power to shape American debate about health policy because informing his readers is literally the last thing on the mind of Jim Rutenberg and his editors.
    No, Zsa Zsa Gabor was not available–she is recovering from a flu-like illness–but if she had been, it would have been a mitzvah for Rutenberg to have turned his entire news hole over to her.
    Because, once again, informing his readers is literally the last thing on the mind of Jim Rutenberg and his editors.
    Yes, if you start a campaign of lies against somebody and get Soupy Sales plus Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme to agree with you, you can expect your lies to be regularly publicized in the mainstream press.
    Why oh why can’t we have a better press corps?

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