Webster Tarpley and Lyndon Larouche: Barnacles in Search of Hub Ubs.

Yes, I’m thinking that that image was photo-shopped.  (For it in action, see here.  .  He has found the one bit of illogic his membership doesn’t seem to understand is a bit of illogic — See my comment in the last post.  And as for him, meh — I’ve been swirling around this train for some time.  Wherever a political leader is referred to as Hitler, the Larouchies will come in like barnacles.  The answer to Chuck Beardsley’s question lies round about there and with these things.)

Okay.  Here we have Howie G laying down the Larouche line on the town hall meeting disruptions.:
The Republican Party says it’s not behind the protests, but LaRouche Pac and Lyndon Larouche say that they are. Yes, inside sources say that larouchepac is the catalyst in the resistance to a Nazi dictatorship over health care.  The phrasing is off.  Is Larouche saying that the Republicans are saying the Republicans or the Larouchies are not behind the protests?  (Ah.  “Inside sources”.  I suspect the “inside sources” are random Democratic bloggers and cable news commentators wanting to put the Disruptors in its worst possible light?)  Of course he [Harry Reid] doesn’t have enough cajones to admit that Larouche Pac is in on the action.
Uh huh.  Actually the risk of tarring the whole “movement” with its Larouchite barnacle element is not worth the rewards (nor rewarding Larouche, for that matter).  It’s a careful tactic that would require  not tossing in the more mainstream opposition of mainstream Americans into that pot, and such a thing would buttress against a cry of “Hey!”.  (The Reason Magazine blog numerating the “Birthers” citations.)  Sorry, Howie G.  Enjoy your Fantasy World — you’ll get mentioned in passing by the non-Elite.

For the Larouchies, the “Disruption tactic” is in their tradition, learned from sparodic hits on college campus lecture classes where they … dressed up in gorilla suits? … to “challenge” the Newton Cult and inject the Riemann — Larouche into Econ.  So, this is their element, I suppose.

Fringe movements often follow a sort of pattern, where the initial genuine energy of fringe devotees is exploited for the financial gain of their leaders, who then collapse into infighting over reaping the benefits.
Consider that when considering this.:
 I get the feeling that the loudmouths I’ve encountered the past two days at the town halls were most likely LaRoucheites, birthers or truthers rather than people that attended a tea party because of their concern about the current state of the country.
Can’t get too haughty with that one, throwing a link to an article about the Minute Men.  Sometime around that time Keith Olbermann was entertaining the notion of the 2004 stolen Ohio election, with the opening caveat along the lines of “Somewhere between tin – foil hat and legitimate citizen investigative journalism”, one Bev Harris was traversing about for cash and fame.  Also swarming around that one: the Larouchies.  Here it was because they were injecting themselves into the Fantasy Shadow Government as a “player”, working with Representative Conyers they claimed.

Interesting to note: PUMA activity is still going on in the wikipedia editing section.  There is not a whole lot to say about that brief spurt of disgruntled Hillary Clinton partisans, suffering the affront of personal identification with a losing presidential candidate.  Two figures who hovered around this one: Lyndon Larouche and Webster Tarpley.  In this case, I have to say Larouche’s message made more narrative sense.  Larouche wants to claim to be an “Insider” fighting factions of the Elites, and thus he is with Clinton and against Obama.  Tarpley’s stated hope with Clinton, that she would open up a Democratic Party Realignment, made no sense on his own terms of a nation that blows up the World Trade Center.  But I suspect Tarpley just had a long range in his purview, to act as a number one conspiratorial oppenent in the Obama Administration.  He was more consistent in opposition of Obama from that point to the present, whereas the Larouchies toyed with the always lingering Death Threats problem that plagues Obama for a time after the election — watching and waiting for Hub-Ubs to attach to.

Interesting to note, Webster Tarpley has thrown himself well into the Birthers.  He is, at the very least, wading into it, though it looks as though he’s careful not to cement it part of his conspiratorial storyline — offering his radio show as a platform for the Russian women generally mocked on mainstream media, and from the start during the election campaign thrusting it as “an issue that needs answering”.  Larouche, meanwhile, has opted out of this hub ub.  Probably a good idea: he’s positioned himself for re-entry into Obama support if Obama shaves his mustache and somehow is seen as rejecting his Nazi Advisors.

The thing about these things is that I don’t for a moment think Larouche gave one whiff about the presidential run of Hillary Clinton, nor do I think he cares about Health Care Policy.  I don’t think Webster Tarpley cares at all about Obama’s birth certificate.  You know the Columbia University Student strike of 1968, which served as Larouche’s “coming out”?  (I say that aware that his most loyal associates, still today, were with him back to — I think 1965, actually).  The strike had in it the two great struggles of 1960s politics: the Vietnam War and Civil Rights — eliminating Defense Contracts from the University, and wanting to stop the construction of a gym encroaching into black Harlem.  Larouche didn’t care about those issues.  Even then, 1968, before mop-up, ’twas hub-ub and he was a barnacle.
It may or not be worth looking at the wikipedia edit attempts.

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  1. Justin Says:


    First image is Larouche’s. Congratulations(?)

    The good news for Larouche, of course, is that he doesn’t particularly care about the issue, so there is no net damage to his cause. The others here, presumably have some impetus with Health Care Policy, and would be wise to find a different tact.

    Howie G, as posted in this blog post:
    The Republican Party says it’s not behind the protests, but LaRouche Pac and Lyndon Larouche say that they are. Yes, inside sources say that larouchepac is the catalyst in the resistance to a Nazi dictatorship over health care.

    AP http://www.miamiherald.com/news/florida/AP/story/1175951.html (via dailykos)
    Opponents shouted “Read the bill!” and held up signs as U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor attempted to address the crowd Thursday. There were reports of shoving and one man had his shirt ripped as a volunteer attempted to close a meeting room door. No one was arrested.
    The Tampa chapter of the activist 9-12 Project says it encouraged members to show up and ask questions. The group was developed by Fox News Channel commentator Glenn Beck.

    Glenn Beck’s “9/12 Project” versus Lyndon Larouche’s … um… LPAC. Real winners there.

    Didn’t revenire decry Glenn Beck?
    Nancy Spannaus, a Larouche Person in an article titled “Nazi Precedent for Obama Health Plan: It’s now Time to Insist—‘Never Again!’”. The Larouche People are really too out of touch to fit neatly into the political spectrum—but this made them very popular at the healthcare townhall. The shouting right-wingers didn’t realize that Larouchies were in their midst—and the Larouchies felt like they were leading a revolution.

    This story is definitely out there and needs to be followed carefully. However, we need to get sources who are legitimate and are not LaRouchies — Executive Intelligence Review, EIR, is a LaRouche publication.
    Posted by: lilredbird | Sunday, August 02, 2009 at 07:31 PM


    Agree about LaRouche (a wolf in sheeps clothing); however do take a stand against this heath care; could be a step in Hiter’s T4 Euthanasia Program.
    Eerie similar and sinister. More info on this.
    This also falls in line with the climate change/global warning where population control is part of the new age/gaia UN solution for world problems. The Bilderberg conference in Greece this year had population control on their agenda. if they can’t kill us follow the yellow brick road to reeducation camps or reverse.
    Connecting the dots: the Weather Underground, headed by bombers Bill and Bernadine, (friends of the obama family) stated by an FBI informant in 1970. Once they overthrow the government, they should plan to eliminate 25million Americans

  2. Justin Says:

    Hm. I’ve sorted through the great mass of “Larouche” related blog posts which have proliferated with some mini-controversies to the Town Hall sessions. Also while my stats page hasn’t worked in quite a while, such that I end up going to indirect ways to look at some generalities — my last couple months’ worths of Larouche posts relating to the Nazi poster have risen to the top of blog post views for the moment.
    This either means I should swarm through this, what’s the word?, crap, or I should leave it rest.

    All politics aside, the “Death Panel” that concerns Lyndon Larouche is the one shown in this memo:

    Basic observation: There’s too much intellectual dishonesty in these blog posts. I find that “citizen journalim” bizarre “gotcha! Plant!” story from a right-wing blog from a Dingle meeting something I have to give up on pretty quickly, recognizing its diversionary tedium.

    Overall, Larouche is used as a partisan hot potato and torpedo. “Left” and “Right” get to use him to tarnish the other side, or to absolve their side of wrong. Which I guess is his role in these things. That lpac is “discovered” to be the source for the most noticable Hitler mustache sign absolves the other collection of nazi references in the disruptors crowd, and apparently Limbaugh’s and Beck’s, and for that matter these blog posters — and demands of Pelosi an apology for that particular statement.

    Point of order: Larouche has occupied in a space, (occupied by Glenn Beck), of right-wing paranoia for the partisan ” — Is Hitler”, as he did during the Bush Administration in an opposite direction. Point of order: Larouche is for single payer? Also he hates Al Gore. He has something for everyone, you see.

    Actually that last paragraph is not well thought out, but damnedit if life isn’t short and I’d rather be blogging something else right now.

    The LaRouchies’ logic seems virtually indistinguishable
    from the current right-wing fear-mongering.
    [as is designed to be… as is designed to be…]


    These stupid Larouchies were at the town hall that I went to last night in Monterey. Their Hitler posters were certainly not welcome. I, who rarely engage such people, even told one of them that whatever serious point they would have would be lost because of such a stupid poster.

    Actually this is my favorite blog post of this batch. http://johnseilerblogs.com/?p=1261

    Why are you trespassing on Mother’s property rights?” I asked.

    “Are you going to join the revolution?” the man asked.

    “This is private property,” I said, sticking to my point. “If you want to protest, go out there.” I pointed to the public sidewalk about 100 yards away — where, of course, there were few people walking by.

    “America is falling apart,” the guy said. “Do you want to be part of that?”

    “You‘re part of that. Violating property rights like this is destroying America.”

    “You’re referring to the Confederate Constitution,” he said. I didn’t pursue the point. But I could have said that the Confederate Constitution copied the property rights protections of the U.S. Constitution.



    Ed Morrissey and John McCormack, two smart conservatives, have two dishonest responses to this morning’s discovery that a popular “Obama=Hitler” poster was created by the cult of fringe Democratic activist Lyndon LaRouche. Morrissey calls the LaRouche poster “the origin of the ‘Nazi’ references at a handful of town-hall protests.” McCormack calls the LaRouche activists “left-wing Democrats,” and grouses that the media will unfairly focus on the “tens — nay, dozens — of conservative protesters out of the tens (hundreds?) of thousands who will attend Obamacare town-hall meetings this month holding signs comparing Obamacare to Nazism.”

    And Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sen. Jim DeMint, Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Pat Buchanan, G. Gordon Liddy, and on and on and on.

    I suppose they are all LaRouche followers now.

    I think this one might be a Larouchie…

    I know it must be very busy at MESSNBC, reading all those BHO & George Soros Talking Points… but come on, I found this link in 5 minutes, that’s 55 more minutes in the hour to be an Obama Rump-Swab Chrissy. Try to remember what a Journalist is suppose to be…PLEASE. We are tired of doing all the heavy lifting. If it makes you feel better, think of it as “Speaking Truth to Power”.


    Coming around to the Hitler poster. Meh.


    Stephen Gutowski does the job the media wouldn’t do in tracking down the origin of the “Nazi” references at a handful of town-hall protests, including one oft-referenced poster showing Barack Obama with a Hitler moustache. Does that come from conservatives opposed to single-payer health care systems? In fact, it comes from a fringe group that opposes ObamaCare for not going far enough

    One Fascinating comment from this one.:

    It’s quite a commentary when nuts like Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious and Lyndon Larouche maintain political views on a higher moral plane than the Dems. […]

    Lyndon LaRouche is still alive? Who knew?

    (I’m having trouble finding the “plant”ing.)


    But no one looked really dangerous– not counting a clutch of LaRouche loons with lots of Obama-as-Hitler posters who I always see in front of the post office begging for money– and the first hour or so was spent with lots of fraternization between the wingers and the regular Americans.


    very… narrow story.


    Adolf Hitler… Environmentalist



    Thank you Wall Street Journal!

    We’re not sure that describing LaRouche as a “communist” is fair to communists; our sense is that his ideology is eclectically extreme and nutty, drawing elements from left, right and directions we haven’t heard of.

    On the other hand, if it’s fair to tar normal citizens for taking the same position on ObamaCare as LaRouche, it’s equally fair for us to link to this statement from the Communist Party USA backing ObamaCare:


    Again, Congratulations (?) to the Lyndon Larouche organization. You’ve got some traction of some sort or other, that will be played to an internal loop inside the cult… as they all await the annual Apocalypse, date set on October 12.

  3. Justin Says:

    Nobody compared President Obama to Hitler, but

    Wait. The Larouchies were in town yesterday for David Wu, but didn’t stick around for Blumenauer???

  4. Justin Says:


    Finally, a rather skeevy-looking older man wearing a “DEFEAT THE BRITISH EMPIRE” sign and stumping for Lyndon LaRouche. Much like Nancy Pelosi and the left improperly characterized the Nazi Party as being on the political right, some of the liberals in line were overheard to mistakenly claim that LaRouche was “just another nut-job conservative”; in reality, LaRouche ran several times for the Democratic Party nomination, and is said to be a student of FDR’s economic policies. Some of the liberals around me knew this already, and a light-hearted moment came when many of us in the line engaged in a bit of bipartisan laughter, each of us taking turns acknowledging that folks on both sides of the political spectrum really don’t care much for LaRouche or his flunkies.

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