2012 Republican Presidential Cattle Call #4

Last time I pushed through this arena of a joke — the joke comes from the fact that the election is 3.5 years away – it was June 23rd.  Well, I suppose I can throw this up again.

#1:  Mitt Romney.  From out of nowhere, a poll shows a neck and neck race with Obama.  Though, of course, the question is operable:  This has to be the silliest poll ever. Obama has been in office less than six months. The elections are over 3.5 years away. What exactly does one expect to learn from a poll now?  Romney’s rolling into Nebraska (as we all know, the Nebraska Primary is HUGE) , he’s getting an exciting painting of himself unveiled, he’s trying to stop Health Care and is trying to wriggle out of his state’s Health Care for his base, which under the right circumstances would be a good thing.

#2:  Mike Huckabee.  Some AP analysis:  Mike Huckabee is turning into a front-runner for his party’s 2012 presidential nomination almost by default.  (You know… the election is 3.5 years away?)  Well, in the run up for such a thing, Huck Pac is restructuring. 

#3:  Sarah Palin.  Had I posted this a few weeks’ back, I would have had her as #2.  Not that I’m thinking too hard about this matter.  (Did I mention the election is 3.5 years away?)  She now leaves her seat as governorship of Alaska to tour America, quitting one thing to do another thing altogether.  Sarah Pac is apparently doing swimmingly in donations garnered.  Rush loves her and has taken up her cause.  She used official government office for personal purpose, but who hasn’t done that?  Also, she has found th perfect tool to rebut these problems: Twitter!

Also she keeps popping up on ad-buys on my computer screen.  It’s rather bizarre.  I don’t quite understand it.  Am I to donate to Sarah-Pac from various websites that do not much like her?  It’s that type of Maverickyness — that she feels bold enough to insert ads at poe-news, that keeps her up to #3.

#4.  Condoleezza Rice.  What — was that too random for you?  A throw-back to the old Dick Morris charade of a book?  Well, check this out!  Actually, this begs the question… who the heck is Gary Johnson?

#5:  Gary Johnson.  Like his haircut.  That’s enough to throw him up the list.  Has a facebook page pushing his presidency.  Remind me to look up Rice to see if she has a facebook page.  I bet she does.

#6:  Bobby Jindal.  Back in the game, back in the swing of things.  Writing op-eds.  That’s how you stay in the game.  He’s also waving giant sized novelty checks — part of the “have it both ways” nature of opposing and supporting Federal Stimulus.

#7:  Dan Quayle.  I take the opportunity to point out that someone sought out his opinion on things.  And he provided a headline grabbing soundbyte.  This doesn’t really portend a presidential run, but in case you haven’t figured it out, I’m not really taking this list seriously.

#8  Mike Pence.  He’s in Iowa.  That does portend a presidential run.  Kind of.  He urges a return to the values of Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich.  Anyway, they’re getting used to him in Iowa — trying to get a good idea of what he looks like. 
Meanwhile, Pence is throwing himself in with what they all are involved in these days — slowing down Health Care, grinding it to a hault.

#9:  Ron Paul.  Because they asked for his inclusion in these things.  But I think Gary Johnson might be his new “more mainstream” stand in, now that Mark Sanford has been sliced away.

Well, in a month I’ll come back and see how things have rejumbled themselves.  Who knows?  Maybe Tim Pawlenty will re-emerge back onto the list somewhere.  That would be quite a comeback.

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