Wichita, Kansas

‘Twas a matter of only a week or two ago when we were entreated with new polling data that Americans considered themselves “Pro-Life” moreso than “Pro-Choice”.  This is one of those matters that has so much static noise in it that there is not too much to say about it.

So George Tiller is Assassinated.  And the nation affirms itself as, indeed, Pro-Life.  We’re all against that Murder.  Except, I suppose, we’re really only a mouse-quick away from finding people who aren’t.  And we’re only a Randal Terry press conference from finding people who aren’t particularly, (the “aren’t” is qualified with the “particularly”).

Go back further, a couple summers ago.  The movie Juno inspires some anti-abortion activists, evangelical Jim Wallis, to pull for the “Juno Option”, based on the scenario in the good not great movie.  Part of the “Common Cause ” we all kind of sort of agree with, unless we don’t, and which the shooter quite clearly doesn’t.  It is cited as a reason to back off Bristol Palin’s pregnancy won’t detract, and probably help, with Evangelical voters to the McCain / Palin ticket — Choose Life, and what, are you rooting for her to grab an Abortion?

Come November of 2008, the good people of Arkansas voted to ban the unmarried from adopting, by way of making sure homosexuals don’t adopt.  It’s worth noting that this was a vote against the, quote-in-quote”Juno Option”, wherein the pregnant teenager ends with giving her child up to the now divorced woman (always wanted a child, as against the man who had a mid-life crisis and didn’t much want to go in for parenting).  And so the complications of real life scenario for a movie, slide right past the good intentions of your Jim Wallises — who, granted, would not take part in supporting such a measure, and would settle for making sure the Democratic Party Platform plank on Abortion stresses the viability of Adopting and what a shame it is Abortion.

I have long grown weary of this semi-rhetorical question to assess logic — a question which I’ve seen posed in ways unlike “Damon Linker” in a way that suggests a certain level of respect for the extremists as against the wussy “pro-life” encampment who “apparently don’t have the courage of their convciction”.  I’ve never been quite sure where this rhetorical question is supposed to lead — to settle internal inconsistencies one way or the other, and am slightly chagrined that the NR blog post gets favorable links while this Will Saletin slate article is deplored a tad — though lays as bare as that other one the “Don’t quite mean it” for the boldness of “is murder”, or if so, um, “War is not the Answer“.

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